Power Employee Onboarding Using A LXP

04/02/2020 11:00 AM EST

Power Employee Onboarding Using A Learning Experience Platform (LXP)

Employee onboarding is clearly very important for future performance. So, what is the best way to train your new hires? Anna Lloyd, Head of Product Management at Learning Pool has all the answers you require to ace your next employee onboarding. Join her in this session and learn how to be successful by using an LXP! The event is sponsored by eLearning Industry.

Recent studies have exposed the critical need for successful employee onboarding.

Figures suggest that the turnover of new employees can be as high as 20% in the first month and a half; 30% of the working population changes jobs at least once a year.

With all these pressures, the onboarding training process clearly needs to engage and motivate new employees effectively. It has been estimated that a good onboarding experience will lead to roughly 70% of employees staying with an organization for three years.

In this webinar, we will dive into some common onboarding fails and look at how an LXP can help drive a great onboarding experience in the third decade of the 21st century.

During this session, you will learn:

Why is it so important - and so difficult - to get new hire onboarding right?

What are common fails and best practices for onboarding?

How can LXPs help in creating successful onboarding - Is it a whole process, or you better treat it just like an event?

Examples of specific LXP features and how to make the best use of them in new hire onboarding.












Anna Lloyd
Anna Lloyd is Head of Product Management at Learning Pool
Anna started her career as a teacher, trainer and course designer, and has 15 years experience of developing and managing successful learning technology products. Over the course of her career, Anna has developed everything from games and apps to platforms and large-scale online and blended products in both the education and training sectors.