AI in the world of learning

Part 2 of the Challenging Trends Series

Use of AI in learning is widely discussed in our industry and landed at #2 in Donald Taylor’s survey of the biggest learning trends this year.

The media would have you believe that AI has come to power everything from search engines to thermostats, but where does this technology belong in the world of learning? What can AI do for you?

With the help of experts on the topic, we will explore the fundamentals of AI technology, to really understand the role it will play for you and your learners.

At the end of this hour-long session you will understand:

what exactly AI is

how AI can enhance learning technology

real examples and explanations from experts

what this means for you

ways to implement AI power in your learning

Challenging Trends will be a three-part webinar series from Learning Pool, exploring the real-world needs for innovation and the practical ways that it can be applied by your team. As our title suggests, we plan to challenge some of the trends that we hear so much about. What do they really mean? How can you prepare for them and when will they be of use to you?

We welcome every perspective on these topics, from beginners to gurus. Whatever your level of knowledge about trends in this industry, the webinars in this series will explore real-world, practical innovation that is applicable to everyone.

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The presenters

AI in the world of learning line up

Jack Quantrill
Product Manager
Jack Quantrill is Learning Pool’s Learning Design Manager and has been developing online learning for almost a decade. In that time, he has created and advised on learning for a wide...
Callum Gillbanks
Product Specialist
Callum Gilbanks is a Product Specialist in the Innovation team at Learning Pool. His current focus is helping organisations use AI to turn their static content...