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Improving the accessibility of training for front line workers using Stream LMS


Birmingham City Council is the local governing body responsible for the governance of the City of Birmingham.

United Kingdom
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Birmingham City Council is the local governing body responsible for the governance of the City of Birmingham, which has been a metropolitan district since 1974 and remains the largest local authority in Europe with 10,600 employees.


The Challenge

In 2018, the Council’s catering team, Cityserve, identified an issue with the logistics of delivering training due to the size, diversity and dispersed nature of its workforce. It realised it could not sustain a full-sized training department and so set out to improve the accessibility of training to front-line employees who were not on the BCC network whilst not introducing heavy administrative burdens for the business.

The Solution

To begin with, the Council created a new training policy that aimed to introduce regular new training initiatives. As well as that, Cityserve committed to reviewing new methods of delivering training to ensure relevant development opportunities were provided. This culminated in the implementation of Stream LMS, alongside a number of collections from Stream Content Library, including the Social Care library, to offer a more accessible route to learning. 

Launching the iLearn system, Stream LMS has been integral to the onboarding of new employees, creating an induction list that reminds managers to assign relevant learning and keep track of what has been completed. To help increase the uptake of digital, mandatory training, and to provide supervisors with easy access, laptops and other devices were also installed in the Council’s kitchens. 

Now, the majority of training at Cityserve has been moved to the LMS. Mandatory training has been incentivised by allowing employees to access iLearn at home and taking the time back in lieu later on, enabling them the flexibility to complete training when it suits them. 

The Results

During the first five months of 2020, the Council calculated zero mandated module completions. Yet, in the same five-month period since optimising the use of the corporate iLearn system in 2021, 275 catering staff have completed mandatory training. Furthermore, this example is being used across other areas of Birmingham City Council to highlight best practices and to encourage the uptake of training for other “offline” employees, such as street cleaners, waste operatives, school crossing patrollers and care workers.

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