Choice Support

Unifying training for 3,000 learners with Stream LMS

Choice Support is a social care charity employing around 3,000 staff to support approximately 2,500 people with autism, learning disabilities and mental health needs to live the lives they choose.

Choice Support wanted to unify their training. Learning Pool provided the perfect solution.

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Choice Support is a social care charity employing around 2,800 staff to support approximately 2,500 people with autism, learning disabilities and mental health needs to live the lives they choose.  

Following a merger in 2019, Choice Support staff had access to two online learning platforms, however, neither of these was meeting the needs of the business. Both had been very compliance-driven and the company found the existing platforms were not resulting in the engagement that they would have liked, nor were they achieving good rates of compliance. The Learning & Development (L&D) team looked at providing some new content for its staff and rather than add this to an existing platform, it made sense to conduct a review and look to purchasing a new system that could house everything in one place and provide a more engaging experience with enhanced reporting.

The Solution

Choice Support chose to implement Learning Pool’s Stream LMS together with its Social Care collection of lessons from Stream Content Library. The system was branded as LiLi, a reference to the organisation’s values around learning, leadership and innovation.

LiLi allows Choice Support to fulfil its requirements under the Care Certificate, a set of standards for all new health and social care workers. The knowledge needed for the certificate covers 15 key standards and these are bundled together along with other key subject areas, such as Safeguarding and Health & Safety, which must be undertaken annually for regulatory reasons. Managers must observe new staff carrying out tasks and the system allows them to upload their workbooks and observations.

In order to promote awareness of the new system, the L&D team conducted roadshows to advertise the programmes and gain the interest and engagement they were looking for.

The system is available to all employees including those without company email addresses.

The Response

The launch of LiLi has been a huge success and is helping us achieve our compliance targets. More significantly, it has been excellent for self-directed learning, allowing us to build and curate programmes for new and aspiring managers. We have seen an increase in staff taking responsibility for their own learning journeys and engagement with training has improved as a result.

The support that we received from Learning Pool when launching the system was fantastic. It is great to have a dedicated go-to person on our account, who is proactive in suggesting new features. The online support available is also excellent, with really fast response times and help with building reports etc. The system is much more reliable than others we’ve used in the past and we have achieved 100% uptime. Overall, we have great confidence in the system.

Natasha Furness
Head of Learning and Development

The Results

The new system and content have been well received. The ability to access the training from any device has meant that Choice Support has been able to reach all members of staff, even those that don’t have access to a work PC.

One of Choice Support’s KPIs is for online training to achieve 90% compliance. Latest compliance figures for both the Care Certificate and the annually required training was 91%.

The automated email reminders and notifications for compliance training have contributed significantly to the success of the system, as well as the dashboard and reporting, which has given the business enhanced visibility of training activity.

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