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Healthcare at Home implemented Learning Pool's LMS to provide staff with adequate mandatory training alongside their personal development learning journeys.

Healthcare at Home implemented Learning Pool's LMS to provide staff with adequate mandatory training alongside their personal development learning journeys.

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Healthcare at Home is the UK’s leading full-service clinical provider of healthcare out of the hospital. It specialises in complex medicines and care, including for cancer and patients who have undergone transplants.

At the heart of the company is unrivalled behavioural insights and data research founded upon nearly one million patient interactions.

Due to the nature of their business, Healthcare at Home is audited on a regular basis and is required to demonstrate compliance with various policies and procedures.

They recognised that they needed to be able to ensure all staff were adequately trained and their training data was fully linked with their mandatory policies. In an ideal world, all learning would also need to be documented and stored together in one place.

Previously, when it came to the provision of online learning, the company has purchased ad-hoc courses from a variety of sources. With no internal learning management system, it was difficult to monitor and report on what training had taken place.

Healthcare at Home identified that a suite of easily accessible learning content, that mapped to their compliance requirements and that would provide a record of learning for each member of staff, was required.

The Solution

Following a review of suppliers, Healthcare at Home chose Learning Pool’s platform (initially provided by Mind Click). Fully customised with the company’s branding the My Learning platform was launched to the business along with around 13 course titles. These titles, which included courses such as Health and Safety, Diversity, Infection Prevention, and Manual Handling, were all formed from off-the-shelf courses which were then customised to reflect Healthcare at Home’s policies and procedures.

Since its inception, Healthcare at Home now has a catalogue of 60 live courses available, covering a variety of key subjects to meet the diverse needs of each department: dispensary, pharmacy, warehouse etc. These courses have been written in-house using Storyline. All courses are aligned to the Skills for Health’s Core Skills framework.

The mandatory training is available to over 1800 members of staff. In addition to this training, the company is also looking to introduce a suite of further off-the-shelf course titles to support the personal development of its employees.

The Response

The MyLearning platform and our mandatory course library have made a significant improvement in the training that we were previously offering. As well as driving compliance around mandatory training, the system has also allowed us to bring our paper-based appraisal system online using the ‘appraisals’ function within the system, enabling us to tie staff’s personal development plans into their learning journeys.

The Results

Both the system and its courses have been well received. Their introduction has driven compliance of mandatory training up by 95% and this achievement has remained consistent over time.

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