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Helping Hertfordshire County Council to deliver a cohesive and consistent way of training across a diverse audience with a wide range of different roles and familiarity with digital learning.

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Hertfordshire County Council is the upper-tier local authority for the county of Hertfordshire in England. They are responsible for many aspects of life in Hertfordshire, including social care, recycling and waste services, street maintenance, community protection and child protection services, with around 8,000 employees providing these services to the public.

The Challenge

With thousands of employees spread across the county, Hertfordshire County Council needed a cohesive, consistent way to deliver training across a diverse audience with a wide range of different roles and familiarity with digital learning. Training this many people with a face-to-face programme was too expensive, so they decided to look for a learning management system (LMS). The LMS needed to be flexible enough to be used by both the L&D team within the HR department and the specialist trainers based within the services offered.

The Solution

Hertfordshire County Council chose Learning Pool as their LMS provider, owing to their huge amount of experience in delivering learning platforms for local governments. They opted for Learning Pool’s LMS because of its robust reporting and audience management functionality.

Primarily, the LMS needed to deliver elearning modules to employees across the organisation – both external modules and content created in-house using the Adapt authoring tool and screen recording software. However, Hertfordshire County Council quickly realised the benefits of using the system to host and manage their face-to-face courses, bringing together both online and offline content into a single blended learning solution.

The platform, iLearn+, replaced Hertfordshire County Council’s previous system, whereby learning was spread out across the organisation, making it difficult to track and manage.

As well as this, the platform incorporated the HR system, meaning that learning and HR activities are now managed through a single platform, making for a more user-friendly experience for employees and administrators alike.

They also have a corporate offer, covering topics such as how to make the best use of public money, offering great customer service, digital skills training, equality and diversity, management and leadership, health and safety and a resilience area to support mental health and wellbeing.

The flexibility of the LMS has made it easy for learning leaders within specialist teams to create and add their own courses according to their own standards and regulations. For instance, the adult care services division can choose courses from Learning Pool’s elearning course catalogue which are appropriate for their care certificate standards, ensuring that all employees get the specialist training they need.

The topics delivered via iLearn+ are very varied, ranging from a full onboarding programme for all staff (including a pre-joining area to introduce them to the organisation) with a nine-module e-learning checklist to get new starters up to speed in areas such as data protection, fraud, cybercrime and health and safety.

iLearn+ allows us to give staff the opportunity to “Thrive, Prosper, Be Healthy and Safe and Take Part”, aiming each year to achieve learning that is “on demand” for an ever changing working environment.

Tara Webber
Senior HR Learning & Development Officer

The Results

Hertfordshire County Council’s iLearn+ platform is very well used, with around 500 users accessing the system every day. There are 11,642 active users currently registered, with the HR area and face-to-face seminar bookings being the most frequently accessed parts of the LMS. To date, there are almost 150,000 course completions logged in the system. In April 2019, around 66% of logins were from new visitors.

With increased engagement and internal communications, Hertfordshire County Council has managed to increase returning visitors to 49%, demonstrating the power of an internal marketing campaign. iLearn+ is also used to support specific initiatives, such as the library and heritage service’s Summer Reading Challenge, designed to encourage children to read more in the summer holidays.

Hertfordshire County Council supported the launch of this programme with iLearn+, leading to a 2.6% increase in the number of children taking part in summer 2019 compared to summer 2018.

Next on Hertfordshire County Council’s agenda is to experiment with Learning Pool’s Otto chatbot. They are interested in using the chatbot to respond to frequently asked questions from people who would typically call the council to reduce the number of support calls, and therefore time and money spent on responding to common inquiries. The chatbot would also make tasks like resetting passwords a self-service process, again to reduce time spent on performing these small, yet time-consuming activities.

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