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Shaping the L&D delivery of Lumina Learning's blended Lumina Emotion Qualification with Stream Learning Suite


Lumina Learning is a global network of skilled experts and practitioners operating in more than 40 countries all over the world.

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Lumina Learning is a world-leading provider of highly innovative psychometrics. Since 2009, it has been providing cutting-edge personality, emotional intelligence, competency tools and qualification programs to practitioners in more than 40 countries. 



Lumina Learning qualifies Practitioners in its psychometrics which involves a mix of content to ensure the tools are understood and interpreted by participants effectively. As a global organization, with Partners and Strategic Alliances worldwide, any redesign of Lumina Learning’s qualification programs needed to include consultation with these key stakeholders, be translated and used consistently worldwide. 

Lumina Learning had a goal of credentialing its qualifications and needed to redesign these in order to achieve International Coaching Federation Continuing Coach Education (ICF-CCE) accreditation. The organization had clear learning outcomes defined but as they added additional features to the qualification, it became increasingly difficult to cover the entire curriculum in a face-to-face program. 

Lumina Learning came to Learning Pool with a need to implement its qualification as an innovative blended program, to deliver lasting improvement in the quality of its newly qualified Practitioners.

The Solution

Lumina Learning implemented Learning Pool’s Stream LXP to make a unique and innovative contribution to their blended Lumina Emotion Qualification. The platform has shaped the L&D delivery within Lumina Learning and beyond to its Practitioner community. 

Using the branching functionality in Stream, Lumina Learning created a modular learning experience for participants which acted as a ‘front door’ to learning, enabling learners to access the right content, at the right point in their learning journey. These learning experiences included a mix of asynchronous learning objects including video content, quizzes/tests, activities to apply learning, and contributions from participants. 

Stream’s social interaction capabilities facilitated discussion between participants, enabling them to ask questions of the facilitators. Questions were then answered within Stream during the virtual classrooms and used by learners in self-reflection. By implementing the platform for a blended approach to learning, Lumina Learning has been able to engage learners by testing the learning and understanding using the gateways and comments functionality. 

The Response

“The qualification was truly inspirational, being treated like adults on a training course, with sensitive guidance, feeling safe and given time to explore ideas in the online material too. I found that connecting and working together with each VC gave weight to the skeleton of ideas.  The structure helped build self-knowledge and theoretical knowledge at the same time.”

A Lumina Learning Practitioner

The Results

Moving to a blended approach of virtual classrooms using Stream Learning Suite and some face-to-face programs has enabled Lumina Learning to combine multiple regional courses into one consistent program. Stream’s translation capabilities has meant that Lumina Learning’s Virtual Qualification is currently available in Dutch, French, German and Japanese with additional languages to be available soon. 

The innovative design and blended delivery of the qualification programs has enabled the exchange of ideas, perspectives, and shared experiences with a more diverse group of participants than would have been possible face-to-face. Practitioners have also been able to easily replicate the approach with clients using the skills learned and the learning objectives developed in Stream.

Prior to the pandemic, Lumina Learning typically ran one public face-to-face qualification every two to three months in the UK, with an average of seven participants. However, since the implementation of Stream, the organization has run nine qualifications in a 14-month period with an average of 9.5 participants per program. 

Furthermore, as a response to cost savings by offering a blended approach to learning, Lumina Learning was able to offer its qualification programs at a discount to Practitioners since the start of the pandemic. As additional Practitioners became qualified and felt confident to deliver the Lumina workshops to clients as a result of a well-designed piece of learning, Lumina Learning has identified an excellent recovery in its points revenue between 2020-2021. 


Looking to the future

Lumina Learning continues to evolve the qualification based on feedback from participants on the current design and the support available throughout the program. 

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