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NeuroLeadership Institute (NLI) is a consultancy focused on applying scientific principles to leadership development; offering behavior-focused training, driving the cultivation of soft-skills and publishing regular research papers.


NLI approached HT2 Labs (now part of Learning Pool) with the intention of applying Stream’s (formerly Curatr) Social Learning principles throughout their online coaching program – not just their live teleclasses. The coaching program requires participants to complete a series of readings/exercises designed to help prepare them for the teleclass experience.

In the past, these took place in silo with little-to-no insight into participant performance. NLI looked to Stream as a means of keeping the conversation going and creating a space where resources, including the facilitators, were available for support.

Providing their coaching solution to a trusted client of six years, NLI had four key challenges they sought to overcome:

1. To create a socially engaging experience throughout learning that facilitates the curation of ideas, thinking and examples and moves learners from siloed thinking to application of tasks/exercises.

2. To create a cohesive learning experience that blends synchronous and asynchronous learning into one.

3. To leverage xAPI data in order to measure the impact of their coaching program and guide future decision-making.

4. To automate and scale manual administrative processes for NLI and their client.

As well as this, NLI and their client wanted to understand the impact of the program and find a new way to scale it globally. Together, they have run several versions of their coaching solutions, whereby past solutions required on-site face-to-face learning along with teleclasses (typically live seminars accessed via telephone).

What we did
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This solution was the first where on-site learning was not required and learning continue to be facilitated, via Stream, online in between teleclasses. This version was chosen by the client to help scale their coaching program globally, making it accessible to all within both North and South America.

Responding to these challenges, NLI set out to create an extended, blended learning campaign where managers,  workers and different cohorts are able to collaborate, share ideas and distribute their own contributions.

With no tech-ecosystem in place at NLI, this ambition required the implementation of a unified digital learning platform that enabled learners to reflect on their learning journeys with their peers.

Stream not only delivered the desired social learning structure but enabled NLI to facilitate and replicate their traditional ‘AGES’ learning model online.

The learning model implemented (AGE: Attention, Generation and Engagement) made use of micro-learning techniques, breaking learning material in small chunks to help overcome dips in learner motivation and defeat the forgetting curve.


Using Stream LXP as the ‘glue’ for a Blended Learning Program, NLI was able to offer a variety of learning methods, including F2F learning, e-conferences, webinars and more.

The program was carried out over a 16-week period with a global cohort (North and South America) of 22 participants. Over the course of the program, the Institute found that engagement levels remained high with 20 of 22 participants completing the course in its entirety.

Results indicated an average weekly module completion rate of 97.35% and a course completion rate of 92.8%.

Interestingly, the Institute noted a decline in activity during the holiday season (between Nov 11 – Jan 4) but soon after activity levels returned to rates equivalent to those prior to Nov 11. Feedback from participants indicated a strong enthusiasm for the social functions of Stream.

With many expressing a wish for more time to read through/reply to comments. Participants who also traditionally preferred face-to-face learning also expressed a positive effect of using online learning methods in its place

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