Pennsylvania Coalition Against Violence (PCADV)

PCADV expands partnership with Learning Pool to launch Stream LMS


The Pennsylvania Coalition Against Domestic Violence (PCADV), a state-run non-profit, has provided training and technical assistance for 60 domestic violence programs across Pennsylvania for the last 40 years.

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The Pennsylvania Coalition Against Domestic Violence (PCADV) needed to adopt a more flexible open-source LMS environment that could support its need to dynamically organize users into statewide groups and allow member organizations to manage all aspects of their training programs. The solution needed to be easy to manage, allow for future expansion and provide detailed analytics on all aspects of the 60+ programs available to members.


The Solution

PCADV worked with Learning Pool (now a Learning Pool company) to develop a powerful online training environment using Stream LMS. This gave PCADV the ability to leverage some of the content and user data from an existing Moodle® system that was no longer robust enough to provide for the dynamic assignment of users into groups and other features identified as key to PCADV’s plans for future growth.

Given their history together, PCADV recognized Learning Pool’s expertise in building customized LMS environments for enterprise-level companies and non-profit associations. But it was Learning Pool’s ability to listen to the specific needs, understand the goals, and develop an easy-to-understand plan for execution that solidified the company as the right fit for the job.


The Response

“A big thank you to Learning Pool for listening to our needs, coming up with a great solution and working countless hours on bringing the site to life. Your work is so very appreciated!”

Lindsy Daves
Training Institute Manager


  • Re-branding of the PCADV LMS to a more modern design with HTML5 responsive framework for excellent performance on mobile devices
  • Incorporation of content from other state agencies in a way that ensures users from various groups don’t see each other’s content
  • Creation of various enrollment options which are dynamically displayed to learners based on their site-wide group
  • Members of selected groups are allowed to enter courses for free, while others are required to pay for entry
  • Overview and re-configuration of completion elements through the site to ensure that proper data is being pushed to reports
  • Ability for select users in each member organization to run reports on their own people
  • Re-training on the details of the overall solution so that PCADV administrators and staff have the knowledge to continue to manage the solution going forward
  • Launched on time, on budget and beyond expectations

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