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Quality Improvement Clinic (QIC) is a healthcare consultancy working with organisations, teams, and individuals to improve the healthcare services they provide.

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Quality Improvement Clinic (QIC) is a healthcare consultancy working with organisations, teams, and individuals to improve the healthcare services they provide. Through their digital learning arm, QICLearn, they provide accredited courses designed for healthcare professionals, whose time is precious and who need flexible learning opportunities. 



QIC has been working with Learning Pool since 2018 when together they developed the first Quality Improvement (QI) programme pilot in partnership with the London School of Paediatrics (LSP). QIC has since expanded the programme which aims to equip learners with the skills and habits of an improver and to work on a service improvement project within their workplace setting. The learning on offer needed to be available to medical professionals anytime, anywhere, available in short bite-size pieces, with curated evidence of their progress. 


The course, designed in association with the London School of Paediatrics, is called ‘Improve one thing in Paediatrics’. It is an 18-week programme and runs twice a year. It offers a structured approach delivered through a combination of 3-minute QI learning pieces, and worksheet-guided QI activities delivered via Learning Pool’s Stream Learning Suite, with two virtual webinars and two workshops where participants share and consolidate their learning. With the aid of the social capabilities of  Stream, the learners can support and collaborate and receive feedback from their assigned mentor. 

Learners progress through the sections and can be awarded one of three levels of professional development depending on their engagement (Completion, Role Model and QI Change Champion). Using the Stream Suite, learners can also generate a slide deck and a poster as a key output, allowing the work to be presented and shared. Learners use these outputs not only to show how they have improved the patient experience but also to present their work in other settings such as conferences.

Gamification techniques are deployed throughout Stream to incentivise progress and encourage learners to work through the learning material by recognising their advancement using experience points, leader boards, and digital badges.

The mentor programme has become an important aspect of the learning experience and has contributed to the sustainability of the programme. Learners who complete the ‘QI Change Champions’ aspect of the programme are invited to support future groups and gain further CPD points to progress their careers. These more experienced practitioners are allocated a group of learners and offer feedback and coaching which is augmented by using Stream’s extensive social functionality.

The Response

The way that Stream has allowed the learners to engage socially and to comment and upload content means the feedback from them has been phenomenal. The London School of Paediatrics has also been very positive and is keen to keep the platform for other types of training.  From our perspective, we love working with Stream as it’s an easy platform to work with and we are looking forward to developing other programmes, with Emergency Medicine being in line next.

Laura Longley
Learning Executive


The programme is now running its 9th cohort and 150 learners have been trained since 2018, ranging from specialist medical trainees to paediatric consultants. (This equates to around 10% of the paediatric doctors in training within the area).

So far, 81% of learners have participated in workshops and learning assignments and have become QI role models and over 55% of learners have graduated to become QI Change Champions. 

The programme has attracted nationwide attention with other parts of the country now wanting to run it. Work completed on the programme has been published in the British Medical Journal and other leading medical publications and is regularly featured at National and International conferences. Individual learners have also won awards based on the output of the learning. It is also endorsed, and elements showcased from the RCPCH (Royal College Paediatrics and Children Health) website, and the course has been mapped to ensure it follows and evidences the quality improvements needed for the medical trainee journey. 

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