Superb Learning and The Institute for Urban Indigenous Health (IUIH)

Creating a more engaging user experience with Stream Learning Suite

Using Stream Learning Suite, Superb Learning was able to help The Institute for Urban Indigenous Health (IUIH) transform its face-to-face training into a more cost and time-effective online solution.

Using Stream Learning Suite, Superb Learning was able to help The Institute for Urban Indigenous Health (IUIH) transform its face-to-face training into a more cost and time-effective online solution.

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Superb Learning is a partner re-seller of Stream Learning Suite in Australia. Based in Brisbane, Superb Learning is a digital learning agency dedicated to helping authors and thought leaders transform their knowledge into a powerful digital learning experience to become an “edupreneur” – an educational entrepreneur. 

Currently, the company has six clients using Stream Learning Suite to deliver a range of educational programs, including professional development training for L&D professionals, educating other organizations and individuals on company systems, health care training for individuals and internal staff training including induction, communication skills, sales and marketing. 

The company’s clients come from a range of sectors, for example, learning and development and healthcare, and include The Institute for Urban Indigenous Health (IUIH), the Australian Institute of Training and Development and Impact Learning. 


The Institute for Urban Indigenous Health (IUIH) 

Established in 2009, IUIH leads the planning, development and delivery of comprehensive primary health care services to the indigenous population of South East Queensland in Australia. Their regional network now encompasses over 20 multidisciplinary primary health clinics. 

The company’s workforce has grown from 1 in 2009 to almost 600 in 2018 with approximately 50% of those being indigenous. A key priority for the company is to ensure their training nurtures a culture that acknowledges, understands and celebrates the history of how IUIH came to exist and their approach for delivering care. 


The Challenge

With a large and varied workforce, a key challenge for the company was ensuring its entire workforce received consistent training that was aligned with the priorities of the Institute. Their continued expansion also developed a need for a new system that would help them introduce new clinics to the IUIH System of Care and onboard new employees. IUIH’s System of Care is underpinned by their cultural integrity framework which informs and guides their actions, both as a sector and a community, and is, therefore, an integral part of the organization. The company’s existing onboarding program was delivered in a face-to-face format with numerous facilitators responsible for carrying out the training. This approach was costly in terms of the time it took for facilitators to deliver the training but it was also difficult to ensure the consistency of the messaging delivered or that new employees were provided with the information they required. Importantly, IUIH needed a new approach to training - one that went beyond simply communicating the organization’s history; it needed to instil and share their fundamental values.

The Solution

Using Stream Learning Suite, Superb Learning was able to help the Institute transform its face-to-face training into a more cost and time-effective online solution. The result was the System of Care program which communicates the organization’s history and its fundamental values, as well as offering guidance on ‘The Ways’; a term of reference for how practitioners and employees should work together and provides a cultural integrity framework. 

The program contains a range of courses that are designed to support employees throughout their journey with IUIH. Learners are able to complete the modules that are most relevant to their role or they also have the option to select other modules to increase their knowledge and understanding of another role or area of business.

The training covers a range of topics from processes, protocols and overarching framework for embedding clinical governance, to strategies, programs and services for engaging with communities to deliver better health literacy and outcomes. The design approach was to place focus on the ‘why’ for each topic, enabling learners to engage with the information and apply the principles in their day-to-day routines. Gamification techniques and interactive elements were also used to provide a real social learning experience, encouraging participants to engage in discussion. 

The Results

By creating an online learning platform, IUIH ensured that all learners receive comprehensive training and it was a significant step forward for the company in terms of moving into the online learning space. Initially distributed to key locations for pilot testing and feedback, the training was then launched state-wide following feedback from key stakeholders and learners. The modules are considered living-learning pieces that will be continually updated to ensure the content remains up to date.

Learners who have engaged with the program have provided overwhelmingly positive feedback, noting that the training is easy to navigate and not only provides information about the organization’s current systems and processes but also valuable insight into IUIH’s philosophy and ethos. 

The highly engaging user experience has set a new benchmark for online training at IUIH. As of April 2020, the System of Care program has had over 1,000 active users and now exists as both a key piece on learning for new starters and as a refresher course for existing employees. Superb Learning continues to work with the Institute to further the program, delivering courses related to mental health, lifestyle and fitness.

Superb Learning’s partnership with IUIH also saw them take home five awards in the 2020 LearnX Live Awards based in Australia for the following categories: 

  • Best Diversity/Inclusion Strategy – Platinum 
  • Best Induction/Onboarding Project – Gold
  • Best Learning & Development Project – Gold
  • Best New E-learning Adopter Initiative – Gold
  • Best Social Learning Project – Silver

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