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Total Leader and Coach Solutions (TLC) cultivate mindful, purpose-driven behavior for sustainable performance and effectiveness in individuals, teams and organizations.

Stream LXP was chosen by Total Leader and Coach Solutions as it fitted all of their requirement for moving from a fully F2F course, to creating a new online version.

Solutions provided:
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Total Leader and Coach Solutions (TLC) cultivate mindful, purpose-driven behaviour for sustainable performance and effectiveness in individuals, teams and organizations. TLC had run a popular F2F course on Personal Resilience, but feedback from some clients who found attendance at F2F sessions difficult due to workload, geographical location or conflicting individual schedules, suggested that a fully online course would enable a greater reach of participants.


In response to this, TLC sought a suitable solution to deliver what was not your typical ‘set and forget’ e-learning modules, but rather one that would:

– Enable them to maintain personalized connections with learners.
– Engage learners by participating in meaningful discourse.
– Encourage learners to develop strategies to maintain and build their own resilience.

Having looked online for potential options, they came across Stream LXP Learning Pool’s Perth-based partner, Orange Owl Learning Lab. Other online solutions were deemed not suitable in achieving the goals TLC aimed to fulfil, and together with Orange Owl, they set about creating the new online version of the course.

A Sustainable, Impactful Solution

Moving from a fully F2F course, a facilitated Social Learning Experience would enable TLC to deliver a sustainable solution that had the most impact in relation to individual behavioral change. It would also enable them to maintain a positive client relationship through the provision of ongoing expertise and discourse, aligning with TLC values – Improvement, Generosity, Interdependence and Integrity.

A project team comprising of Learning Consultants worked together to design, deliver and analyze the course using ADDIE methodology.

Once built, the course was open to several organizations, including a state sporting body, two disability service organizations and an oil and gas company. This provided diversity in experience and comments in the course.

TLC Solutions provided a primary facilitator with two others joining in to provide expertise to the course, which saw learners work through six levels over a four-week period, with levels opening up at the beginning of each week to ensure learners continued through the course together.

At the end of the course, learners were asked to submit a Wellbeing Form which had their personal goals for building personal resilience. The course facilitator then contacted people who submitted the form to check on their progress against their goals and provide some informal coaching.

“The content was really good, very informative and useful.”

Nevellene Linquist
Manager People and Culture

Great Feeback & New Projects

Feedback from the first cohort has been excellent with 93% of the participants saying they would ‘Strongly’ recommend the program to their colleagues and friends.

TLC’s Personal Resilience and Mental Wellbeing course continues to run as a fully online course, and following the initial success,  additional projects are planned.

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