Learning Pool deliver a torrent of learning to WaterAid

WaterAid had a basic LMS which they were using mostly as a library of e-learning modules.

WaterAid explored various LMS options and felt that Learning Pool's platform gave them the functionality and flexibility they needed to cater to different learner types.

Solutions provided:
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The Challenge

WaterAid had a basic LMS which they were using mostly as a library of e-learning modules.

The organisation was looking for a more comprehensive platform that would enable them to manage all of their learning events and materials online, track all the activities that were happening, and provide all staff across four continents with consistent and timely development opportunities that could enable them all to better deliver their important work.

They explored various options and spoke to a number of LMS providers and felt that Learning Pool’s Stream LMS really gave them the functionality they wanted as well as enough flexibility to cater to the different learners and trainers.

The Solution

Learning Pool helped with the design the look and feel of the learning hub and they have had very positive feedback on it. The support WaterAid get from Learning Pool is invaluable: availability, challenge feedback and reviewing courses.

Claudia Rispo, Learning and Development Manager at WaterAid explains more:

“Learning Pool’s expertise in design and knowledge of the system has enabled us to update and improve our courses, and we are learning from them along the way. This coupled with the speed of support we get on technical queries means we are continuously gaining credibility with our users which in turn encourages uptake. The Learning Pool catalogue has provided us with a quick start to developing our e-learning provision.”

“What really persuaded us  was the quality of support and customer service promised by Learning Pool, and they have delivered on this promise. We get lots of great support not just with technical queries but also lots of advice with design, settings and ideas.”

Claudia Rispo
Learning and Development Manager

Business impact with the Learning Hub

The team at WaterAid have reached so many more learners with their new learning hub than ever before. They have all sorts of blended courses now in different languages and manage all of their learning events online whether these are e-learning, face to face or webinars.

Their employees can see everything that is available, all in one place, and this visibility means that they can design and target development opportunities based on our strategic aims and needs. They can track progress and numbers and hope to be able to measure ROI after the first year.

In only six months WaterAid already has over 50 courses, almost 500 active users and over 650 completions.

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