Data, Learning and the LRS

Challenging Trends Series

In the age of computing, data has slowly but surely taken over the world.

Businesses have been built on it, we are more aware of our personal data than ever before, fishing is no longer just a relaxing hobby and data now even comes in BIG and small varieties.

But what about learning data? SCORM 1.2 has been the de-facto tracking standard in eLearning for as long as many of us have been in the industry. What happened to 1.3? What happened to 2004!? Joking aside, data is one area of learning technology that has huge potential to change the industry for good.

Join Deborah, our Chief Operations Officer, and Ben Betts, our Chief Product Officer, as we explore:

the history of data use in learning

what kind of data could we be collecting?

how could better data serve your L&D needs?

new possibilities of data collection

the role of the Learning Records Store

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The presenters

Deborah Limb
Chief Operations Officer
Learning and development professional with an MSC in Human Resource Development and a Chartered MCIPD, Deborah, has over 25 years of experience of designing and delivering learning solutions.
Ben Betts
Chief Product Officer
Ben’s work with his company, HT2 Labs, has helped to define the ‘next generation’ of workplace digital learning platforms. Under Ben’s direction, HT2 Labs were amongst the first to put...