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8 tricks to reduce compliance online training seat time

Are you concerned that your next compliance online training course will take too long to complete?  Will it eat up too much of your L&D budget, due to mounting payroll hours?

Compliance online training empowers your employees with the skills and expertise they need to perform their duties.  Not to mention, helps to prevent costly violations that have the potential to damage your brand image.  The issue is that imparting essential compliance knowledge takes time.  Thus, you must ensure that the time employees spend on compliance online training does not negatively impact your profit margin.

Tricks to reduce compliance training seat time

Here are 8 tricks to reduce compliance training seat time and achieve the desired results.

1. Incorporate online training simulations

Online Training Simulations are highly effective in helping trainees understand the main points faster and apply them in real-world situations.  Incorporating them into compliance online training will give them the power to put the skills they acquire into practice.  These interactive online training tools even provide them with the experience they need to carry out their job duties more confidently and efficiently.  As a result, employees acquire information more rapidly by doing, instead of merely reading about the topic.

2. Create a microlearning online training library

A microlearning online training library for on-the-job reference will improve employee productivity and promote the overall growth of your company.  It eliminates the need for employees to take a compliance training course multiple times, as they can use it as a quick knowledge refresher and reinforce compliance knowledge.  Make sure that the microlearning online training library has all the online training materials they need to complete various tasks, such as bite-sized simulations, demos, and online training tutorials.  More importantly, online training resources should be accessible to all employees and properly organised.

3. Make the compliance online training course multi-media rich

The human brain is wired to process visuals faster than blocks of text.  Based on this fact, it’s best to use plenty of visuals.  For example, infographics, images, and videos to explain the topics.  These materials will not only enhance comprehension but also prevent cognitive overload.  Employees will get a visual representation of compliance issues or trends, thereby making it easy for them to assimilate.  Visuals also spur engagement by creating a sense of immersion and simplifying complex concepts.

4. Offer video demos and online training tutorials

Online training tutorials and video demos will give employees an opportunity to polish up their skills, as well as gather additional information related to the compliance online training course whenever it’s most convenient.  Even if they’re off the clock and want to expand their knowledge on their own time.  After watching the video demos and online training tutorials several times, your staff is less likely to forget the process because they can put everything into context.

5. Use skill-based games

Games are fun and engaging.  But they can also reduce online training seat time by imparting distilled knowledge while entertaining your distributed workforce.  Integrating serious games into compliance online training will hone your employees’ skills and experience.  Just like visual representations, serious games improve comprehension and speed up the learning process, thereby reducing compliance online training seat time.  Go an extra mile and add a leaderboard and badges to motivate them to keep on trying.  Even when the subject matter gets a bit dry or distractions attempt to shift their focus.

6. Provide personal learning paths

Personal learning paths will help you meet the varying and specific needs of your employees.  They offer them a chance to choose online training assessments and activities that are most relevant.  This freedom and empowerment motivate them to participate in the online training activities and absorb information more quickly.  Some corporations go to great lengths to create personalized training contracts that outline the learning goals and milestones to be achieved.  Make sure that you furnish them with all the online training resources they need to achieve the expected results.  Personal learning paths will give your employees an opportunity to complete all the activities in the compliance online training course at their own convenience while sticking to the stipulated timelines for their mandatory compliance online training.

7. Conduct regular online assessments

How do you know that the online training materials and activities are achieving the expected learning outcomes?  Through regular online assessments, you will be able to gauge each employee’s understanding, as well as gaps in your compliance online training strategy.  In the process, you may discover that you have been providing them with online training materials that are not relevant to their positions in the company.  Or you can use the information gathered to customize the learning process as per the needs of each team member.  As a result, employees will only focus on online training materials that directly influence their daily obligations, thereby reducing the amount of compliance online training seat time.

8. Develop an online mentorship program

Employees are the pillars of your business or organisation.  An online mentorship program will give the skilled and experienced staff members a chance to mentor new employees.  Assign an online mentor in every department to ensure that the new employee’s concerns and questions are addressed quickly and conveniently.  As a result, they won’t have to spend hours in the virtual classroom and can devote more of their energy to work responsibilities.  You can also create social media groups that allow peers to share experience and insights to newcomers.  Corporate eLearning blogs and online discussions are also a great way to facilitate open communication among your geographically dispersed workforce.

Less is more

Reducing compliance online training seat time will steer your company in the right direction by saving time for other equally important tasks.  Make sure that you monitor progress at different stages to know if there are parts of the compliance online training course that need to be tweaked.  Also, use the power of peer-based training to offer ongoing support to every member of your team.

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