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The benefits of adaptive compliance courses

Trust is a significant competitive advantage, with ethical businesses outperforming peers by nearly 25%. However compliance training is often seen as burdensome to organizations and employees alike.

This perception stems from the fact that conventional compliance elearning is built for outdated learning methods that rely on hindsight data, such as completion rates, time spent on learning, and surveys.

Unfortunately, these methods fail to provide the predictive intelligence that compliance teams require to identify risks or potential issues proactively. Learning Pool’s Adaptive Compliance Courses aim to revolutionize the approach to compliance training for both employees and teams by offering predictive data analysis, altering perceptions and enabling proactive risk management.

Adaptive Compliance Courses are built on a proprietary adaptive learning framework that collects anonymized data on each learner’s interactions with the course. This data is then utilized to adapt the learning experience in real-time, ensuring it reflects the individual learner’s needs based on their performance within the course. This approach fosters an efficient, learner-centric experience while guiding learners through a tailored journey that transcends mere completion, ultimately driving meaningful behavioral change.

The benefits of Adaptive Compliance Courses

As we navigate through 2024, we find ourselves in an era where employees demand efficient, personalized experiences that seamlessly integrate with their daily responsibilities. In response to this evolving landscape, Adaptive Compliance Courses have emerged as a solution that not only enhances efficiency but also ensures compliance readiness. By offering adaptive experiences, these courses deliver a quantifiable return on investment while empowering organizations to evaluate their current compliance risk landscape and proactively address areas requiring attention.

Below, we outline some of the key benefits of implementing Adaptive Compliance Courses.

Maximized training efficiency and cost savings

Adaptive Compliance Courses optimize training efficiency by identifying areas where learners need additional support and adjusting their learning path accordingly. This focused approach allows learners to progress at their own pace, without wasting on content they have already mastered. As a result, training time is reduced, protecting more revenue-generating time for your workforce. Our courses have been shown to reduce learner seat time by up to 50% because they adapt to the learner’s skills and experiences they already have when they start their training. Considering that compliance training can be assigned to all employees, the cost of seat time can easily surpass hundreds of thousands of dollars in payroll costs.

Personalized learning experiences

Adaptive ComplianceCourses tailor the learning experience to suit each learner’s individual needs, preferences, and pace of learning. Through the analysis of data on learner interactions and progress, our proprietary adaptive learning algorithms can pinpoint knowledge gaps and modify the learning path accordingly. Additionally, employees can further customize their learning journey based on demographics preset by the compliance team, ensuring they receive the most relevant and appropriate content aligned with their role and responsibilities. This not only enhances their learning experience and real-world outcomes but also aligns with the Evaluation of Corporate Compliance expectation to provide supplementary training for high-risk, control, and supervisory employees.

Enhanced engagement and motivation

Adaptive ComplianceCourses deliver information in an engaging, actionable, and relatable manner. They prioritize providing employees with essential information to navigate their day-to-day tasks effectively, avoiding the pitfalls of overwhelming legal jargon. Additionally, these courses incorporate gamification elements, where learners earn points for correct answers and lose points for incorrect responses. This gamified approach fosters both intrinsic and extrinsic motivation, leading to a highly engaged employee population. Upon accumulating enough points and proficiency in all topic areas, employees complete their learning journey.

Compliance with regulations and standards

By incorporating relevant regulations and standards into Adaptive Compliance Courses, organizations can ensure that their learners receive the necessary training to comply with industry regulations and best practices. This compliance-focused approach mitigates risks, protects organizations from legal liabilities, and fosters a culture of compliance within the workforce.

Leveraging training outcomes for proactive compliance programs

Adaptive Compliance Courses generate actionable insights that compliance teams can leverage to understand where employees have clarity issues around compliance concepts, and conversely, where they display high proficiency. Compliance teams can further segment data by role and risk and get hyper focused on training their employees when and where it matters the most. They can forge and strengthen their strategic business partnerships by collating training data with what’s happening in real life, get a comprehensive picture of organizational risk, and have year-round training reach. All of this is underscored by the Evaluation of Corporate Compliance Programs’ recommendation to evaluate compliance data, regardless of who owns that data.

Adaptive learning is revolutionizing online learning by offering personalized experiences. Download our latest eBook, Target, Tailor, and Humanize Compliance Training Using Adaptive Learning Principles to find out more.

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