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COVID-19 readiness – March 16th

We’re all worried about the impact of COVID-19 on our lives and on society. At Learning Pool we’re also concerned about the potential impact the spread of the virus could have on our team, their families and our global client base.

So we’ve been planning extensively for the likely scenarios and we wanted to share those plans with you so you can have confidence that we’ve really got your back in all eventualities.

Business continuity

During the course of last week we successfully implemented our business continuity plan across our Derry and Nottingham operations. We had 75% of our global workforce work from home on two separate days with no disruption to service. We’ll continue to test this plan over the coming weeks. 

Team wellbeing

We know you care about the wellbeing of our team as much as we do. The good news is that no-one in the team has displayed any symptoms and there are no reports of anyone in our extended family suffering the effects of COVID-19. We’ve had a few people in the last few weeks with cold like symptoms who have self isolated and recovered perfectly well. 

We’ll continue to monitor this of course and from this week we’ll encourage people to work from home as much as they can so that we minimise risk to them and people around them. While we know this is technically possible, we also know it might cause some disruption. We’ll manage that in the normal course of business and ask our customers to support our efforts to look after our people as best we can.

Load testing

We’ve seen a steady increase in use of our services as companies move more of their training online to respond to disruption caused by travel restrictions. We’re also starting to see patterns that indicate people are taking their learning home with them. Our infrastructure is built to scale in exactly this type of scenario and the team is continuing to monitor this. So far everything is behaving exactly as we would expect it to. 

Supply chain

We’ve carried out a comprehensive audit of our supply chain and verified that our critical suppliers are well set up to deal with any crisis. 


The safety and wellbeing of our own team will always be our top priority. To that end, we have suspended all international travel with immediate effect and have asked our team to heavily restrict travel within country. We will try our best to maintain existing appointments with customers but meetings will be prioritised as video calls for the foreseeable future.

We appreciate this may cause some inconvenience for our team and our customers but we’ll do everything in our power to minimise this and ensure that all our customers continue to enjoy the high levels of service they expect. 


We delivered a number of Learning Pool Live events in the last few weeks but have made the decision to convert the upcoming London and Scunthorpe events to an online experience that will happen on March 26th. We’re working hard to make this a really exciting event and we think we’ll be able to set a great example for how customers might consider running online events as an alternative to face to face. The event is open to all customers and you can register to take part here.


While the current circumstances are quite unnerving we feel that we’re as ready as possible for the changing situation. Remember that we are an ISO 27001 accredited company and have robust risk management processes in place across all of our operations. We’re confident that these will see us through this period of uncertainty.

We’ll be actively managing the situation as things change and keeping you up to date. But we encourage you to raise any concerns with our Customer Success team or Learning Consultants in the first instance.


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