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Dyslexic Tech – Programming with dyslexia

The Death of E-learning – A Learning Pool Podcast

An irreverent look at what’s going on in the world of online learning. We cut through the bluster to get to the heart of what online learning should be – and what it shouldn’t.

There’ll be interviews, panel discussions, and much more, along with the recurring segment ‘The Death of E-learning’ where we ask our guests which element of L&D they’d throw out if they had the chance.

Released monthly, available from all good podcast providers. 



Episode 06: Dyslexic Tech – Programming with dyslexia

You might remember our Software Developer, Paul Stoner, wrote an article about his experience with dyslexia.

We loved it so much that we sat him down for a chat about how his diagnosis influenced him and his work.

Should dyslexia be listed as a skill on your CV? Listen to episode 6 to find out more. This time you can even win a fabulous DoE t-shirt!



Episode 06 participants

Stefan Eger, Luke Smith, Saray Rodriguez and Paul Stoner 




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