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Equality, Diversity and Inclusion in Practice

As we emerge from Covid, what happens to socialization, belonging and equality, diversity and inclusion in the workplace and how can e-learning help?

With the rise of ‘hybrid working’, whether they’re remaining working from home or returning to the workplace, the hope for employees is that they are better able to balance their professional, personal and home lives. For organizations, it means that offices and workplaces have the potential to develop into hubs of innovation, collaboration and networking.  Both these goals require a commitment to equality, diversity, and inclusion.

Equality and diversity e-learning

Learning Pool announced in May 2021, that we are partnered with Focal Point to develop our new off-the-shelf Equality, Diversity and Inclusion (EDI) Collection, bringing together a broad range of subject matter experts to create an elearning collection based on human centred conversations and in-practice actions and responsibilities

Never has this been more critical to recognize and redefine training on equality, diversity, inclusion and belonging. 2020 was a year of change, COVID exposed inequities in how we live, how we learn and how we work. 

All over the world, people may be experiencing isolation or feeling excluded for many reasons. As we all move forward and deal with the current crisis, it has sparked energy to recognise and push for diversity & inclusion through understanding and actionHowever, the real need is to ensure that everyone feels supported, included and valued inside and outside of the workplace.

Learning Pool’s Equality, Diversity and Inclusion offering

Our new Equality, Diversity and Inclusion collection takes elearning in an innovative direction of impactful and practical lessons. These lessons not only bridge knowledge gaps and drill down into skills and actions, but also brings the content to life by tapping into lived experiences and conversations in a similar way to our The Uncomfortable Truth and The Uncomfortable Conversation lessons. 

Our training focuses on two key factors to achieve impactful and practical lessons: 

1. Human focused conversations

A supportive social network and community at work can act as buffers against stress and even depression. It is important for organisations to recognize that belonging is a necessary part of workplace inclusion because it is a necessary part of the human experience. The conversational style of learning design posing the questions people want answers to in a safe environment.

2. In-practice actions and responsibilities

The practice of concentrating on the small and large actions that are an important part of inclusion and allyship for all team members, line managers and senior management. Ensuring that the responsibilities are clear and the practical advice offers a real-world and personal benefit to the learner and organization

Equality, Diversity and Inclusion in the workplace

Learning Pool’s new equality, diversity and inclusion e-learning tackles the very real current need to make our workplaces more equal, inclusive and diverse.

Want to know more? Discover the new EDI collection here or get in touch with your Account Manager today!

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