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How to keep your e-learning content relevant

This week I joined a lively gathering of Learning Pool customers who get together periodically to share what they are working on and discuss common areas of interest in learning and development.

A key topic for discussion was Content Management – how are organisations keeping their e-learning content relevant?

Some great ideas on managing content

  1. Ensure there is an appointed owner for each piece of content on your LMS – this will usually be the subject matter expert – engage them to sign up to a ‘contract’ to commit to taking good care of their content
  2. 3 months after the launch, review the use of the e-learning and any feedback with the content owner – making any necessary adjustments
  3. The content owner should be responsible for reviewing the content on each yearly anniversary of publication; they may need some encouragement. If the content isn’t reviewed and kept up-to-date then remove it from the LMS
  4. ​Align the content that goes on your LMS with your organisation’s goals – if it is no longer relevant remove it
  5. Create a checklist for reviewing content that supports your content owner/subject matter experts e.g. is the content up-to-date/what has changed, do all the links work, is their something new to add such as more recent examples and case studies
  6. Have a small group of nominated individuals who are able to publish content to the LMS so that they can ensure the content has been developed to the right quality and is relevant to its audience

The group agreed that this ‘pruning and weeding’ task isn’t just a once a year activity but something that needs constant ongoing attention. Regularly updating and refreshing the content on your LMS will engage and inspire learners to come back and find out what’s new and useful to them.

Other Helpful Tips

Check out our infographic for more hints and tips that will leave your learners energised and primed to look at your learning in a different light:

content management

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