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How would you rate your Emotional Intelligence?

If someone were to ask how you rate your Emotional Intelligence, how would you respond?;

If someone were to ask how you rate your Emotional Intelligence, how would you respond?

We’ve all come across people who have a high IQ but struggle in certain social situations. They lack a different type of intelligence – emotional intelligence (EI). All humans are powered by their emotions. They’re involved in every interaction and are a powerful factor in the workplace. People with high EI can focus on the ability to monitor their own and others’ emotions and to guide their thinking and actions- resulting in more harmonious working relationships and, in turn, higher engagement and productivity.

How to improve your Emotional Intelligence level

Emotional Intelligence is key to success in any organisation. To be effective as a manager you must have good social skills, and have the ability to influence others, appealing to and managing their emotions to get the job done. We’ve created a module to help you assess your Emotional Intelligence and understand how it can increase your emotional self-awareness. The module will also help you appreciate how you can use EI to bring improvements to your team and performance. There’s also a handy checklist of what you intend to do differently in your work and daily life and enhance your ability at meeting career goals.

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Built in Learning Pool Authoring this beautiful module is made up of case studies, multiple choice questions with feedback, images that reveal information when clicked and various drop down information sections. As a learner you can keep track of your progress through each task and go back and look at the course whenever you need to. This module can be easily edited to suit your needs using our Authoring tool.

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