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Introducing the ‘LMS Learning Plan Check-in’ feature

Introducing our latest feature – LMS Learning Plan Check-in. You can now document regular check-ins quickly and easily from your Learning Pool LMS.

A vitally important part of the employee/manager relationship is ensuring that regular 1-2-1 catch-ups are conducted throughout the working year. Ensuring that they are completed is crucial to the success of all employees as it allows managers to keep track of and help strengthen their performance.

A check-in with an employee on a regular basis can be the difference between having a really productive and engaged employee or an uninterested, deflated individual. Having frequent conversations with employees really gives them direction in their job roles as well as providing the confidence and confirmation to them that what they are doing is correct as well as the opportunity to provide constructive feedback.

The check-in process at regular intervals really is an integral part of the employee/manager relationship as managers can not only communicate recommended approaches to work for the employee to boost their performance but also motivate and make them feel valued within the company.

As this is such an important part of the performance management cycle we have released the Learning Plan Check-in feature on the Learning Pool Platform.

The new check in feature allows you to document regular check-ins quickly and easily giving you that opportunity to arrange the check-ins that are so important to staff development. You can document each meeting allowing you to review discussion points from any previous meetings, add the details examined in the current conversations while also adding what’s been agreed for future check-ins.

Check-ins can be configured to be either learner or manager driven, giving the employee the power to take control of their development or have a more manager guided approach. The feature allows you to link courses to the check-in to allow easy tracking of progress as well as adding any training completed outside of the LMS so that it can be quickly linked and tracked as part of the check-in.

If you would like to learn more about this feature please contact [email protected] to have it enabled on your LMS.


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