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Introducing Learning Pool Automation – the learning campaign builder

If you were at Learning Technologies 2020 then you’ll have seen that we launched a new product called Learning Pool Automation. Learning Pool Automation is Learning Pool’s learning campaign builder and it’s designed to give you unparalleled control over the delivery of your content.

What’s a learning campaign?

A learning campaign is a set of resources and interactions that are delivered to a user in different orders, times, combinations, and formats depending on a range of variables.

For example:

Craig has just started a new job at a contact centre for Leslie’s Lettuce. As part of his onboarding, he’s completed his Talking Calmly training. Because he has scored 100% and has the job role ‘Zen Master of Customer Service’ we won’t send him the basic customer service training, he will be sent the advanced customer service assessment to take straight away.

Now that looks pretty complicated when it’s written down, but it’s laid out in a very simple and intuitive interface within Learning Pool Automation:

Learning Pool Automation uses a flowchart layout that combines simple building blocks to create smart learning campaigns ranging from simple linear flows to branching personalised programmes.

How does it work?

Learning Pool Automation sits in the middle of your learning ecosystem. It uses information from Learning Locker to trigger the next step in the campaign flow. For example, it can check whether Craig has completed the training with a score of over 70% and then uses this to decide which pathway he progresses down. Waves uses messages (currently delivered in email, but chat applications are coming soon) to deliver content to learners. This content can be hosted anywhere on the web but an xAPI enabled LMS or LXP is essential if you want learners interacting with content to trigger the next message (i.e. Craig has read that article, so send him this video next). Learning Pool Automation helps you get the most out of your existing learning ecosystem, adding extra features rather than altering or replacing them.

Personalise your learning and empower your learners

There’s not a one-size-fits-all approach to learning. You can’t expect a workforce that spans different experience levels, locations, departments, backgrounds, and interests to all benefit equally from a learning course on a specific schedule. It’s completely unrealistic. With Learning Pool Automation it’s easy to set up a campaign that automatically delivers different learning to different learners depending on factors such as previous scores, department, location etc. This makes learning a lot more efficient: you don’t have to manually personalise your learning and keep track of who needs to be assigned what, and learners are only taking content that’s relevant to them.

Sometimes learners know best. They know what will be relevant and useful to them and they know when it will be relevant. With Waves, you can give learners control over their learning. Let them decide in which order they want to take the content. Let them decide whether they’d like to be sent one long e-learning course or a selection of micro-learning courses. Let them decide whether they want to take their learning in a browser or in a chat application.

Giving learners control over their own learning will make them feel more trusted, invested and empowered. That’s how you create a learning culture.

Real-world change

At the moment, Learning Pool Automation uses a limited selection of variables. These are taken from an LRS, which is a record of everything that you do in your learning and are made up of statements like “Matt answered ‘Yes’ to question 5 of the assessment”.

If you’ve heard about the Internet of Things you’ll be aware that practically anything can have an internet connection. If anything can have an internet connection, anything could send a statement to an LRS and could be used in a campaign. For example:

  • If a learner burns bread in the oven, send them a bakery refresher course.
  • If a learner burns the bread again, send them an alternative training video to explain the process in depth.
  • If a learner burns the bread a third time, email their manager to notify them.

What will you make?

The beauty of launching such a versatile product is that it’s impossible to know what users will come up with. Learning Pool Automation isn’t a tool, it’s a toolbox. We can’t wait to see what you build.

Find out more about Learning Pool Automation and how it can help you maximize learning impact within your organization.

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