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Waves Workflow Template

Introducing Learning Pool Automation Workflow Templates

Learning Pool Automation is our learning automation tool that lets you create campaigns to maximize learning impact by giving you control over your learning experiences delivery. 

Learning Pool Automation is like Ready Steady Cook. You’re given a load of ingredients and your challenge is to combine them into the tastiest dish. The ingredients are workflow items, the audience is your learners, and Ainsley Harriott is… not part of this metaphor. The Ready Steady Cook approach results in some really inventive, original, and interesting creations. 

But you wouldn’t want to cook like that every day, would you? Sometimes it’s nice to have some tried and tested recipes written by reputable chefs. It saves time and often results in a better product. Well, that’s what the new workflow templates provide.

What is a workflow template in Learning Pool Automation?

It’s a workflow that we’ve already built, that you can quickly customise for your own use. You could set up a three month spaced practice campaign in a matter of five minutes by using the new template wizard. You can find out more by visiting the Learning Pool Academy.  

Retaining flexibility

The wizard is simple and easy to use, yet doesn’t sacrifice the complexity that makes Learning Pool Automation so flexible. Once you’ve created your new workflow, you can edit every single part of it, just like any other workflow. 

Learning Pool Automation in action

Learning Pool Automation has an intuitive interface, so you can quickly create learning campaigns. Templates make setting this process up even easier. Some of the things you can do with Learning Pool Automation include:

Creating learning pathways – Learning Pool Automation can handle a huge variety of campaigns from the very simple, perhaps a weekly blog or reminder, to full certification programs that last for a year or more.

Learners set goals – Self-directed learning is key with modern learners. Engage them further by using Learning Pool Automation to help them set their own goals and then prompt them to evaluate progress.

Use nudges – Prompt learners to engage or re-engage with a piece of learning and practice what they have previously learnt, whether online or in the real world.

Schedule spaced practice – Learners forget much of what they have learnt unless they use it. Learning Pool Automation lets you create spaced practice activities.

Want to see Learning Pool Automation in action? Here’s one I made earlier! Check out my cooking show, where I combine the ingredients of Learning Pool Platform, Learning Pool LRS, and Learning Pool Automation to roll out some mandatory training here at Learning Pool.

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