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Learning Pool (formerly HT2 Labs) To Offer 10 Free Places on Velocity Programme for Women in the Workplace

Oxford, UK: To celebrate International Women’s Day on March 8th, Learning Pool (formerly HT2 Labs) have teamed up with Green Onyx Consultancy to offer 10 free places on female-focused career development programme Velocity. The programme helps equip women with skills and confidence to develop, overcome societal constraints and reach their full potential.

Developed by Sussex-based Consultancy firm Green Onyx and deployed using the Learning Pool platform (formerly Curatr), the Velocity course focuses on the personal and professional development of women in the workplace.

The course aims to set out learning journeys for women, helping them discover greater potential in the context of their own skills, goals and ambitions.

To achieve this, The course is comprised of 5 modules designed to to be completed in ascending order:


Articulating your core values, skills, strengths and motivations.

Managing Yourself

Uncover how your values, strengths and motivations influence the choices you make in managing yourself and your objectives.

Working with Others

Learning the power of assertive behaviour and how to put it into practice.

Achieving Your Potential

Thinking creatively and practically about your current and future potential.

Maintaining Success

Defining and creating the conditions necessary for you to operate at your peak in pursuit of your goals, without burning out or falling back.

About Green Onyx

Green Onyx was founded by Sarah Frame, a highly experienced professional in online and distance learning and Fellow of the Learning and Performance Institute.

Sarah is passionate about motivating and supporting women to maximise their potential; borne out of her experience of many years as a working mum with five children. She is now keen to do whatever she can to develop and support women as they seek to manage the often conflicting demands of work, family and leisure and build successful careers.

If you want to enhance the gender equality strategy and achieve better outcomes at your organisation, find out more about Green Onyx’s training programmes and consultancy services.

About Learning Pool (formerly HT2 Labs)

We are a team of digital learning pioneers, working with ambitious businesses to develop exceptional talent among their workforce. By redefining what is possible for digital learning opportunities in the workplace, we have created award-winning, next-generation learning software:

The Learning Pool platform – Intuitive, Engaging & Personal

Combining our expertise in Social & Personalized Learning, our Learning Experience Platform enables your organization to extend their focus to Continuing Professional Development for your workforce. With a light version of our Learning Record Store, we have created a truly next-gen learning experience.

Learning Locker – Aggregate, Analyze & Automate

The world’s most installed Learning Record Store, enabling you to truly understand the real-world impact your workplace learning is having on talent development.

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