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Learning Pool (formerly HT2 Labs) Listed as a Vendor of the G-Cloud Framework Within the Digital Marketplace

Oxford, UK: Learning Pool (formerly HT2 Labs) have announced approval of their G Cloud application to become a listed vendor within the G-Cloud framework for cloud hosting, software and support suppliers within the Government’s Digital Marketplace.

In April 2018, the Government Digital Service [GDS] and the Crown Commercial Service [CCS] announced their 10th update of the G-Cloud framework. With it, came a whole host of improvements to the services for organisations looking to offer their cloud technologies and support to the public sector.

The G-Cloud framework [first launched in 2012 as a UK Government initiative] was created to ease procurement by public sector bodies of cloud-based and technology services for example, web hosting and site analytics. Through establishing framework agreements between the Government and cloud suppliers, the publicly accessible portable, known as the Digital Marketplace, was formed. This allows public sector organisations to find and purchase cloud-based services, which is generally faster and cheaper than entering into individual full tender processes.

In May 2018, Learning Pool (formerly HT2 Labs) submitted an application to be accepted as a vendor on the G-Cloud framework. Today, they are pleased to report that organisations within the public sector will now be able to purchase their innovative software via the Digital Marketplace.

For the company, the Digital Marketplace offers an indispensable level of exposure that isn’t typically readily available for smaller suppliers or, ‘start-up’ companies such as themselves.

Their Stream LXP (formerly Curatr) and Learning Locker platforms can be found under the G-Cloud framework, which is divided into the following three categories:

  • Cloud Hosting [e.g. content delivery networks or load balancing]
  • Cloud Software [e.g. accounting tools or customer service management software]
  • Cloud Support [e.g. migration services or ongoing support]

Having already worked on a number of projects with public sector bodies, the opportunity for Learning Pool (formerly HT2 Labs)  to expand their customer base within the public sector, allowing organisations to experience what their software can offer to the user learning experience, is an exciting time for Learning Pool (formerly HT2 Labs).

As of today, organisations will be able to enquire, learn about and purchase the Learning Pool (formerly HT2 Labs) software via the Digital Marketplace, enabling them to harness the power of data to enhance the learning experiences they offer to employees.

If you’re coming to us from an organisation within the public sector, find out more about Learning Pool (formerly HT2 Labs) as a Crown Commercial Service approved supplier on the  Digital Marketplace.

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