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Learning Pool’s approach to Agile content creation

What is agile content creation?

Simply, Agile content curation is the process of rapidly designing content for a number of purposes. At Learning Pool, we are able to offer the opportunity for our clients to work directly with our award-winning team of learning and graphics designers, co-designing learning experiences that are then delivered quickly through a series of sprints.

In the below video, our Head of Delivery, Duncan Thomson is joined by Senior Graphic Designer, Kara McConway and Learning Designer, Andrew Trotter to talk us through the Agile approach to content creation in more detail. Watch below to find out more.

What are the advantages?

The development is rapid, but the main advantage is the very close and direct experience of design and build. 

The process includes a focused and intense period of design and development review which enables clients to input creatively at a detailed level and experience the highest level of transparency we can offer as a development partner – directly impacting the design and development at a granular level.

This process is especially well suited to clients who are familiar with or wish to learn more about, Agile methodologies in general. It also offers an opportunity for your learning and instructional design professionals and Graphics and Brand teams to work alongside some of our highly experienced team, sharing their knowledge and best practice of work across multiple industries and sectors.

What does a typical Agile timeline look like?

Contact your Learning Consultant if you’d like to learn more about the Agile content creation process.

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