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New E-learning Content for the Public Sector

Our public sector subscribers will be delighted to hear that we’ve been extremely busy over the summer adding to and improving our existing catalogues too, with particular attention to our Government and Housing suites.

Very little stays still for very long at Learning Pool. We’re constantly striving to improve what we offer to our loyal customer base, whether through technology, service or great off-the-shelf content. These last few weeks have been no different.

New titles added

The first of the new titles is a module on Asbestos Awareness. This is aimed at property maintenance operatives and those who manage colleagues in construction settings, and will be followed by a module on Legionella later this year. Both will be available to Government and Housing customers.

The same customers will also notice a new suite of three modules on the changes to the Special Educational Needs and Disability System (SEND). These modules have proved popular already with local authorities nationwide and are now fully available in Adapt.

So too the ICTR range. This suite of four includes modules on IT Disposal Policy, Data Storage, Data Protection and Sustainability issues.

Further to this, there is a great new module on Managing Difficult Conversations in Performance Management. Performance management is of the utmost importance to the modern local authority, and this module deals with the difficult and challenging conversations that can arise when a team-member isn’t performing to standard.

As ever, all of these titles are produced in Adapt and as such, are fully responsive. They are also completely editable within Adapt Builder, so you can tailor each one to your own needs and rebrand with your own logo and corporate colours. You’ll find all the relevant titles in the Subscribed Courses area in Adapt Builder.

And guess what?

These newly released titles are just the tip of the iceberg. We’ve got loads more in the pipeline. Look out for new titles on Self Harm, Business Continuity, Hate Crime, Welsh Language Awareness, Anti-social Behaviour and Whistleblowing in the coming weeks and months. All of these will be available at no extra cost to our valued Government subscribers.

We’ll continue to add to our Housing and Social Care catalogues too, and we’ll be making significant improvements to the Adapt Builder, including the ability for users to share content with colleagues in other organisations.

Customise content or create your own

All of this further demonstrates Learning Pool’s continued commitment to providing the largest, most comprehensive range of responsive, editable catalogue content for the public sector that you’ll find anywhere; and the best tool with which to customise that content or create your own.


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