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New Suite of Data Protection E-learning Modules

This month we’re showcasing our new and popular Data Protection E-learning module from our training catalogue.

Learning Pool’s Data Protection E-learning module has had over 1,000 downloads in the past four months so we’ve expanded the topic into four separate modules that now make up our new suite of Data Protection Modules.

The four Data Protection E-Learning modules are:

1. Creating an IT Disposal Policy

This module covers disposing of IT assets when they are no longer of any use, looking at the risks of not disposing of these correctly and the benefits of implementing a comprehensive IT asset disposal policy in your organisation. The module takes the user through planning an IT Disposal Policy and provides a list of items that should be considered for disposal.

2. Data Storage

Decommissioned assets are a rich source of information, which can be dangerous if they fall into the wrong hands. This module explores the fundamentals of data storage and how to get rid of data safely once an IT asset has been unplugged from an organisation’s network, at the end of the module there are tips on sourcing the best IT Disposal Company.

3. IT Sustainability

This module describes the impact of the production, use and disposal of IT assets on the environment and people. Looking at e-waste and its effects in countries around the world, the user can see the lifecycle of a computer from start to finish and the module ends with a summary of key points to remember.

4. Data Protection Awareness

The 1998 Data Protection Act controls the way that an organisation handles personal data and gives people legal rights regarding the information that these organisations have stored about them. This module looks at the benefits of protecting data and the risks of getting it wrong. The user will look at who is protected by the act, what sort of information is protected and the ‘Eight Principles of Data Protection’.

These interactive modules include hot graphics that the user can click on to reveal more information, helpful links to look at and some informative videos. There are also several multiple choice questions and drag and drop activities that provide the user with feedback on their answers.

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Our customers can access the Data Protection suite on their Adapt tenant. If you are not a customer you can trial our content free for 7 days or contact us on 0207 101 9383.

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