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Owners of Learning Locker LRS, Learning Pool (formerly HT2 Labs), Become DISC Partner

Oxford, UK: Learning Pool (formerly HT2 Labs) have become the latest organisation to join the Data Interoperability Standards Consortium (DISC), a professional trade association working together to influence and shape the evolution of data in learning, using the Experience API (xAPI).

DISC’s mission is to create a data environment where systems can be successfully designed, built, and grown on common expectations of data.

As a DISC Partner Member, Learning Pool (formerly HT2 Labs) is identified as a key implementer of xAPI-enabled software, capable and ready to shape the evolution of xAPI. Learning Pool (formerly HT2 Labs)’ Learning Record Store, Learning Pool Learning Record Store, is the most installed xAPI-ready database in the world, with thousands of organizations using it to help make their learning activities more measurable.

In addition to participating in interoperability demos, workshops, webinars, and presentations at conferences, Learning Pool (formerly HT2 Labs) is also dedicated to ensuring that its staff contribute in key developments to the specification and its associated ecosystem as part of their membership to DISC.

DISCs President & Executive Director, Aaron Silvers, is delighted by HT2 Lab’s decision to join the consortium:

“With xAPI’s growing, global adoption, it is critical that this open and transparent approach to working with data continues to grow and mature while still enabling a broad, international community of stakeholders, practitioners and vendors to work together and exchange at a shared table.

“Learning Pool (formerly HT2 Labs) has long been a fervent champion of xAPI’s open ethos and I could not be prouder to count on Learning Pool (formerly HT2 Labs) as a partner in the important work we’re undertaking, together, to continue to improve the xAPI specification and the growing number of projects, structures, profiles and services that support the innovators that use it.”

Learning Pool (formerly HT2 Labs) CEO Ben Betts, added:

“With xAPI adoption growing so rapidly, it’s becoming increasingly important to recognise best practices where they already exist and to help new adopters avoid unnecessary mistakes as they come onboard with xAPI. DISCs mission to champion these best practices is absolutely vital to the continued success of xAPI and is something that Learning Pool (formerly HT2 Labs) could and should contribute towards.

“Looking further ahead there is a huge body of work to be co-ordinated as we seek to support businesses and educators in making the transition to more measurable learning and performance outcomes. DISC’s focus on interoperability will give our community focus as we seek to tackle important issues like privacy, ownership and the future value of learning data”.

To maintain it’s open-source ethos that welcomes all to participate, contribute to and make use of the collective works, DISC is a member-supported organization representing the vendors and stakeholders that seek to grow a fair and equitable global marketplace for data and analytics solutions.

Join the movement and help support the goals of the association by visiting

About DISC

The Data Interoperability Standards Consortium (DISC) is about a group of people, technology companies, and organizations dedicated to realizing a world where data works for individuals and the many organizations that rely on individual talents. DISC is a not-for-profit corporation based in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.

DISC’s mission is to create a data environment where systems can be successfully designed, built, and grown on common expectations of data. This enables increased interoperability, data ownership, and advancements in analytics. As a trade organization, DISC facilitates constructive and open projects as the means for people to work together representing various stakeholders in data exchange: vendors and customers,  professionals who work with data, and individual data owners.

DISC‘s 2016 efforts concerned industry’s role in the stewardship and governance of xAPI. Building on that work, DISC’s 2017 efforts focus on improving semantic interoperability, industry certification of products that use xAPI and the specifying and employment of services that simplifies how developers and practitioners can employ best-practices to create, validate and consume xAPI data.

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