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OLX – Rapidly put your learning online

Keeping your learning social, when we all need to keep our distance.


Many people and organisations suddenly need to quickly turn offline learning into online learning. We’ve been doing that for well over a decade now, so we want to share our expertise with you in our free OLX: Rapidly Put Your Learning Online.

Experts from across the learning industry and beyond have worked with us to produce this course. We’ve got Jo Cook from Lightbulb Moment sharing her experiences of virtual classrooms, there’s a brilliant video on presenting to camera from former BBC TV presenter Sarah Travers, and of course, our own fantastic team are distilling their wealth of industry experience into concise tutorials and resources to get you online ASAP.

This isn’t just for Learning Pool customers, the course is designed to be accessible to everyone, with advice that’s applicable to all online learning. There are also links to the many free tools that you can use to get your learning online as quickly as possible. There will be additional content that covers how to use our products to achieve this, but that’s not the aim here. It isn’t a marketing exercise. One of our company values is “Do the right thing.” Sharing our expertise is the right thing to do.

The great thing about the OLX is that you can use the comments section to share your own tips and tricks too, as well as get answers from our team who are going to be facilitating the course. It opens on Monday the 6th of April and will be facilitated for the following three weeks. 

If you’re new to our OLX’s, you can register here and we will email you when the OLX begins.

Existing OLX users can log in here and then enrol on the ‘Rapidly put your learning online’ OLX at the bottom of the page.

Feel free to browse our other OLX’s in the meantime.

Additionally, we’ve recently launched our Coronavirus Course Essentials which can provide some more support at this time. You can request no-cost access here.



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