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Rolling out a LMS Appraisals pilot at Cardiff Met University

How many times have you written a performance appraisal and had to print it out for someone else’s review and comments?

Learning Pool’s LMS appraisals system removes all of this.

Dr Allison O’Reilly from Cardiff Metropolitan University is piloting the LMS appraisals system.

The purpose of the online appraisal system is to facilitate discussions between a user and their appraiser, to provide a structure that explains what needs to be done, when and by whom. Integration with the learning management system allows progress to be reviewed more efficiently, and an all-digital format gives direct access to progress and outputs for the purpose of reporting.

Dr O’Reilly involved academic staff, technicians and administrative staff in the appraisals pilot to gather feedback on what people think about the look and feel of the system.

With LMS appraisals, managers can monitor progress at any time. Staff can share status updates and managers see how appraisals are proceeding and follow up when appropriate.

 Five specific roles are supported:

• Learner

• Manager

• Manager’s Manager

• Appraiser

• Administrator

An individual can interact with their current and past appraisals via a new ‘Appraisals Page’. Managers can access an overview or details of their staff’s appraisals via the ‘All Appraisals’ page. Administrators can control the process, assign users, manage notifications and report on the sitewide progress towards achieving them.

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