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Seamless Virtual Training with new features from Learning Pool Platform

In a recent survey to our existing Learning Pool Platform clients, 100% responded that they have been negatively affected by the current travel restrictions.  While we are always innovating and improving our products such as Learning Pool Platform, we have put our foot on the gas to make sure we are doing everything that we can to support you through this time.

Learning Pool Platform is our Learning Experience Platform (LXP) which offers a fast, flexible and personal way to deliver all types of learning directly into a learner’s daily workflow. Naturally this includes access to instructor led training (ILT) sessions, so we have worked hard to ensure that our platform can enable you to bring these face-to-face sessions into a virtual instructor led training session (known in the industry as vILT).

What’s new?

Specifically, we have made a significant improvement to our integration with Zoom video conferencing platform. You can now create, manage and attend Zoom webinars from within Learning Pool Platform, and the platform will automatically know who you are and what your role is. (i.e. learner, admin etc). It will also know what type of learning experience you are accessing, and these things combined, means you’ll enjoy a specific user interface (UI) and user experience (UX). For example; a learner can join webinars; an instructor can create, edit, start and delete webinars, and an admin can create a number of different Zoom webinars for the same learning experience.

We have also improved our LTI support. In short, LTI is the Learning Tools Interoperability, so Learning Pool Platform can communicate with other compatible learning systems. The improvements involve sending all user role data to the third party via the LTI, which greatly improves the admin, instructor, and learner user experience when using third-party platforms.

Following feedback from our clients, we identified that Zoom was the priority to benefit from these enhancements first, however they will enable rapid development of integrations with many other web/video conferencing platforms, such as Cisco WebEx. We will bring you more news on this soon.

As ever with a software release we have made a few other enhancements, namely, the date pickers across the site now detect the user’s choice of platform language in order to support our growing multi-lingual user base – and of course, we got the pesticide spray out on any bugs we came across!

All future developments to Learning Pool Platform can be found within our LXP roadmap

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