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The Winners List: Learning Locker® Open Source Awards

With a global cohort of organizations presenting their Learning Locker innovations to judges, extensive deliberations have now taken place to recognize the strongest contenders across a variety of categories.

Highlighting innovation and creativity amongst users of both Open Source and Enterprise editions of the Learning Locker® LRS, the first year of the Awards proved popular with learning analytics enthusiasts from a diverse range of industries and disciplines.

Ahead of sharing insightful case studies to highlight the best of this year’s winning projects, we’re pleased to introduce our 2019 winners (with a little context around what they achieved)…

The Winners List

Best use of Learning Locker® for Education:

guroo producer logo

Guroo Producer are an Elearning Consultancy based in Sydney, Australia focused on building immersive, self-paced and blended adaptive learning.

Submission Overview

A challenge was presented to Guroo Producer by The Australian Graduate School of Management (AGSM) to update and modernize their week-long General Manager Program to a more blended learning approach.

The design and creation of this learning program, was driven by a simple, yet powerful learning portal “add-on” using xAPI and the Learning Locker® LRS as the supporting technologies. This provided a simple alternative for the streamlined delivery of online learning to small cohorts of participants completing one-off learning programs.

Their progress and engagement was tracked using xAPI without requiring them to navigate around a confusing LMS that was not designed to support them.

Best use of Learning Locker® in Support of Another Product: 

cdsm logo

CDSM are a large Elearning content provider and consultancy, in addition to offering Thinqi, a learner engagement platform.

Submission Overview

CDSM produced an innovative learning platform for the Welsh Government’s ‘Hwb’ Project. Deliverable to 500,000 teachers and learners, Hwb is the most successful Welsh Government digital service and the go-to place for everyone involved in education in Wales.

Learning Locker® provided the interoperability, ease of implementation and flexibility to support our specific needs and vision for the Hwb project. The ‘digital body language’ and detailed assessment reporting that xAPI and Learning Locker® provide remain a key driver of the project’s success.

CDSM’s education technology has gained superlative praise from the client and the community it serves, giving Wales an un-rivalled place for teachers to collaborate with their peers.

Best use of Learning Locker® to Enable a Next Generation Learning System: 

Obvious Choice are an Elearning vendor offering a number of innovative products such as Thrive, a Learning Playlist Platform, and Baseline, a Micro-Learning distribution tool.

Submission Overview

Using the Open Source version of Learning Locker® as a repository for xAPI activity statements, Obvious Choice created a Learning Experience Platform – Thrive.

Thrive supports a user-generated-content strategy, through an intuitive and responsive mobile design in which resources are reviewed by users.

Obvious Choice also leveraged Learning Locker® to build Baseline, a tool that enables clients to deliver digital challenges (xAPI micro learning challenges) that capture a baseline measure of capability. Once the challenges are completed, baselines are evaluated by analysing of xAPI data stored in Learning Locker®.

Best Proof of Concept:

Dig-It! Games are an independent studio dedicated to creating both game-based classroom learning and casual mobile games.

Submission Overview

Dig-iT! Games looked to effectively collect learning data from their games and replace some of their older systems; deeming xAPI to be a novel, future-proof solution. This was proven with an initial test using javascript games which exceeded expectations.

Realizing the full potential of xAPI and the Learning Locker® LRS, Dig-iT! proposed a proof of concept to the U.S. National Science Foundation, intending to create a peer reviewed and funded platform to help standardize k-12 learning data..

Community Award for Contributions to Learning Locker® Open Source


Submission Overview

Contributor to our gitter channel and the codebase, Dennis is a brilliant example of how the open source community can work together to achieve great things. Away from core LL, Dennis has built xAPI enabled plugins that look to make the most out of the power xAPI can bring to learning strategies within your business and it’s through projects like this that the xAPI specification will continue to improve until such time as it becomes ubiquitous within the Learning tech industry.

Stuart Clagget – Dig-It!

We’d also like to mention Stuart at Dig-It! Games again for a strong entry to the Education category, which outlined how Dig-It! are working to make data collection from K-12 products worldwide easier, more transparent and inter-operable.

Thank you to all the organizations that submitted their exciting projects to us for this year’s awards. We’ll be releasing more information on our winner’s projects in due course – keep an eye out and follow #LL19Awards.

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