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Understanding Not Just Another Elearning Course: Part Two

We are now more than halfway through our second Open Learning Experience (OLX) of the year with Not Just Another E-learning Course, a three-part interactive and social learning experience designed to help L&D departments craft more engaging learning experiences for less.

Starting with part one, ‘When and Why to Try a New Approach’, we introduced the concept of the modern learner and what this might mean for approaches to L&D in 2019. These first few levels explored the changing demographics of the learners within your organization, the increase in the need for on-demand and mobile learning experiences and the transition from Instructional Design (ID) to Learning Experience Design (LXD).

It is only when organizations start accounting for these changes amongst their audience and their specific learning needs within the workplace that we can begin disseminating truly meaningful learning experiences that speak to the learner and their individual learning goals. That’s where part two comes in!

Part Two: Key Learning Points

Delving into part two, ‘Structuring Your Learning Experience’ we took a look at the how and why of curating resources for online learning, specifically giving attention to the process of repurposing old content to make it more relevant today, as well as demonstrating the best way to structure a course to achieve higher engagement amongst learners.

Below you’ll find the key learning points from the first instalment of this OLX, as well as the learning resources used to help aid your understanding.

Key Learning

  • Understanding what content is worth repurposing for new courses
  • Understanding the best way to structure your course for higher engagement
  • Understanding what resources will best achieve your learner’s goals

Learning Material

The Repurposing Content Checklist

10 Ways to Organize Instructional Content

Focus On Actions, Not Learning Objectives

Part-three of Not Just Another Elearning Course starts Monday 7th October. Sign-up to the experience now.

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