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Why you need to personalise your e-learning

94% of businesses say that personalising their content is critical to their success, and the same percentage of learning professionals believe that student performance increases when social, tech-centric learning is integrated into the classroom environment.

What does this mean for you?

Strong performing staff create a strong company, which means that if you personalise your e-learning and viewing your learners as contributors, not consumers, directly influences the success of your business. An enjoyable LMS experience that offers users a clean, slick, e-learning platform drives engagement, and more importantly increases performance.

Every learner has different needs, and one-size-fits-all just doesn’t cut it any more in the learning and development world. That’s why our LMS, supports personalisation, so that when you work with us, you can cater to all levels of user with relatable, relevant content that makes them investors in their own education.

Personalised learning means users can really drill down and focus on the information that’s relevant to them, saving your organisation time and money, as well as ensuring your learners don’t become fatigued by information overload.

Get personal

Our LMS offers a dynamic way to personalise your users’ experiences through the Audience Management feature. Using Audiences, you can really tailor the delivery of your e-learning, choosing specific groups to receive personalised content based on their roles within the organisation, and the previous e-learning they’ve undertaken.

With Audiences, you can deliver e-learning content based on preferences stored in a user’s personal profile.

You can also directly assign relevant modules to individual users, but on a much larger scale you can also personalise your e-learning using the organisation or position hierarchy – allowing you to set up different e-learning tracks for each department or job role easily.

You can even create a suite that’s accessible only to new starts, delivering a tailored on-boarding induction program.

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