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AdventHealth is a US-based healthcare provider with a difference. With a firm belief that health should be measured in terms of the whole person — body, mind and spirit – AdventHealth promises to help its patients feel whole through compassionate care and world-class expertise.

With its 150-year history deeply rooted in the Seventh-day Adventist Church, its faith-based mission is still the foundation of the entire business. Today, AdventHealth is one of the largest healthcare providers in the United States, with 90,000 compassionate professionals working to ‘Extend the Healing Ministry of Christ’.



Years of History


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Compassionate professionals

Taking care of people as a whole

This mission extends beyond patients – seeking to additionally take care of every member of staff as a whole. That means delivering great job satisfaction, facilitating holistic healthcare, and even simply keeping them safe – including being sure they understand their compliance obligations.

A compliance time-bomb

But how do you keep people safe when compliance has slipped to the bottom of a very long to-do list? Delivering highly important and informative content through PowerPoint slides can be effective, but knowing that people simply click through, tick a box and move on from is not measurable or sustainable through the rapid growth of the business. With completion rates falling, reports of repeat violations growing and a general feeling of compliance complacency – something had to change.

A commitment to safety

When the new Compliance Education Manager, Victoria Rodgers, joined the business in 2018, she was committed to making sure every single person in the business understood how important compliance is. She sought a solution that would take the entire company on that journey with her.

Realizing the old process wasn’t performing how it needed to, AdventHealth sought a new learning platform that would allow it to transform the reputation of compliance across the board. Finding the perfect partner in Learning Pool, unveiled an ambitious strategy that would seek to reduce push-back on completion whilst imparting mission-critical information to all learners.

Objectives were to:

  • Increase completion rates to at least 95%.
  • Reduce compliance violations through targeted remediation and actionable solutions.
  • Increase efficiency and a sense of trust by reducing training hours for those already compliant.

Additionally, it would:

  • Provide accurate records of learning, allowing the business to drive strategic discussion at a regional level.
  • Provide a blueprint for other areas of the business to emulate.

Compliance’s reputational overhaul

With compliance training still perceived as a burden, the business knew it needed to dramatically change how training was delivered. But first, and crucially, it needed to change the discussion around compliance across the company. Communication proved incredibly important.

Consequently, senior leaders across the business were engaged throughout, and supported the roll-out by, for example, attending team huddles to encourage participation. With this renewed buy-in to the importance of compliance – and a deeper understanding of the real implications of non-compliance – the message began to resonate with the rest of the business, too.

The scale of the challenge

Having grown by nearly 20,000 in the last year to 90,000 employees including circa 24,000 clinicians, 60,000 nurses/clinical staff and thousands of non-clinical staff – the remit was as broad as it was tall. The solution needed to be able to engage this diverse group whilst also being adjustable to suit individual needs.

A radical, new solution

In a complete breakaway from its traditional learning approach, AdventHealth utilized Learning Pool’s ground-breaking adaptive content. Leaving outdated static surveys behind, this approach uses predictive insights and behavioral intelligence to deliver a personalized learning experience.

This adaptive process embeds a deeper understanding of information, delving into deeper questioning if a question has been answered incorrectly instead of simply repeating the same question until the correct answer is given.

With gamification elements alongside this scenario-based training, practice, analysis and reinforcements, learners are empowered to take better control of how much training time they need.

Real, actionable insight

To avoid repeating historic cycles of compliance training being too broad-brush, becoming outdated and repetitive, AdventHealth has used advanced analytics to report learning performance through actionable dashboards. Thanks to predictive insights, the most likely potential compliance failures can be anticipated. Importantly, this allows for targeted remediation – providing additional support to employees that genuinely need it – as opposed to traditional ‘catch-all’ approaches that lead to disengagement.

Setting a blueprint

Testifying to its success, several other departments across the business sought to utilize the technology for their own learning programs – in fact, one department is currently building content for its own roll-out later this year.

“I’ve been pleasantly surprised at the ease with which this program has been rolled out, how easy the platform is to use and the step-change it has delivered in terms of educating our team members.”

Senior Leadership

With a headline commitment to the safety and welfare of patients and staff so high on the business agenda, this learning program had a big, important remit.

Now over a year since launch, this project has delivered record-breaking results, including:

Completion Record completion

Incredibly, given the task of reaching more than 90,000 learners, participation rates have soared since roll-out, achieving a record-breaking 98% completion rate.

Record efficiency

Now tailored to individual learner needs, the learning experience has been streamlined – resulting in average completion rates dramatically reducing from 60 mins to 31 mins.

Record engagement

Alongside staggering growth in size, AdventHealth engagement survey responses show the highest positive response of 87%, to their three key engagement questions:

  • I love working with my manager.
  • I love working at AdventHealth.
  • I feel wholeness in my life/role.

There has been a marked reduction of 6.6% in employee turnover in the last twelve months, reaching 20%.

Additionally, further confirming that learners have a deeper understanding of the compliance, HR have reported fewer queries relating to possible conflict of interest – indicating a better conceptual understanding of their obligations.

Keeping people safe

Perhaps the ‘acid test’ of this program is the general shift in compliance perception across the business. With corrective actions supported from the top down, not only are employees more engaged, but despite the implementation of a new records system, which could have potentially caused an uptick, we’ve seen a reduction in violation.