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Royal Bank of Canada is a Canadian multinational financial services company serving over 17 million clients and employing more than 89,000 people worldwide


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Serving 16 million clients and employing 86,000 people worldwide, the bank has a widely dispersed learning and development team that is largely based in Toronto with team members also in the US, UK, Caribbean, Luxembourg and Malaysia.


Like all businesses, RBC needed to provide relevant, timely learning to its widespread employee base, while keeping it as engaging and accessible as possible.

It was important for the team to create training that was not only accessible on multiple devices but it also needed to support multiple languages and enable employees with various disabilities and learning needs.

They have a large team of 230 L&D professionals who support various departments throughout the business and 24 design/developers with a core team of eight, building content using Learning Pool Authoring.

This core team supports all areas of the business from compliance to leadership and induction programs and they use a range of tools and technologies to create online learning content. 

Last year the core team built 114 pieces of content that are mainly delivered on RBC’s corporate LMS, or intranet.

A Great Solution

Royal Bank of Canada looked around at the open source framework and authoring tool and became interested in the output they could generate using Learning Pool Authoring, the flexibility of the technology and the road-map of developments.

Working with Learning Pool made sense. They could benefit from a completely hosted solution and rely on us to take care of updates, maintenance and security measures which are vitally important to the business.

Another plus was Learning Pool’s online support through Learning Pool Academy, the team has used this a lot to get their designers up to speed.


“In the first half of the year our developers had built 38 pieces of content using Authoring. We’re very happy with the volume we can build and it’s an important part of our future plans.”

Jeremy Pearce, Senior Manager: Design, Innovation, and Development


Once up to speed the L&D team’s creativity really took off, using Learning Pool Authoring for formal learning content; onboarding, leadership, agile, compliance, and product training are all topics we have tackled using the authoring tool.

But, they also used the tool’s flexibility to create:

  • single web pages that are used for performance support or continued reinforcement
  • learning hubs for larger curriculums that act as a single source for curated content
  • games for monthly campaigns that are used to lightly engage and reinforce concepts like cybersecurity in an informal and fun way.

Results Realized

The design and development team of six has built over 100 pieces of content using Learning Pool Authoring and they’ve reduced the development lifespan by 35% across six end-to-end projects.

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Saving in production time

“This is an enormous win for a business like us where we know that every minute we take our people off the job costs in the region of $56,000…”

“We save by reducing the time required for training and the learner reaction has been great. The team is looking forward to assisted revision for annual re-certification in areas like capital markets. L&D hope to challenge the business to rethink how they deliver training by testing upfront, pointing learners at what they don’t know, retesting and letting them get back to work.”

Jeremy Pearce, Design, Innovation & Development

Royal Bank of Canada is excited about the future of working with Learning Pool Authoring and has some plans to utilize the new Adapt game components to create more agile, quick and cost-effective learning.