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Adaptive Content


Flex Slide Image Editor: Duplicate Layer

Users can now duplicate layers in the layered asset editor by selecting the “Duplicate” option in the kebab menu.

Upgrade to Flex: Conversation Thread

A quick & safe way to upgrade legacy pages to a Flex Slide version with a click of a button. Take advantage of the latest Adaptive functionality that is available in Flex slides. Easily change the look and feel of legacy content by utilizing section templates, styling capabilities, and content presentation options.

Flex: Collapsible Sections

A more organized and streamlined view, especially for when dealing with a large number of sections and blocks.

SCORM Package Update Options

When users publish their course, they will have the ability to select the SCORM version they would like to download their course in.

Time Delay Button Update

We removed the lock icon and number countdown in the time delay button to improve end-learner engagement.

Flex Slide: Clear Assets on the Page Level

Users can now clear all assets in a Flex Slide page with a single click, saving time and effort previously spent on manual deletion.

Flex Slide: Automatic Scroll When Moving Sections & Blocks

The auto scroll feature eliminates the need to drop a block, scroll the editor, and move the block again making rearranging sections and blocks smoother than ever.

Flex Slide Preview

Users will see a preview of the content simply by clicking on the flex slide without loading the Flex Editor.

Flex Slide Preview/Edit Mode

We’ve introduced distinct modes for previewing and editing, allowing users to easily switch between viewing their work and making changes. This functionality empowers users to remain within the flex editor interface, eliminating the need to exit in order to preview their page.

Fast Track Progression

We’ve introduced a global configuration which allows users to determine the desired behavior for the Continue button in the new Navigation Bar. The toggle will be turned off by default so that learners will be required to scroll to the bottom of the page in order to continue moving forward in the course.

Upgrade to Flex: Video

Product feature

Adaptive UI Branding

Updated UI colors and button styling to reinforce brand identity and user engagement.

Flex Slide: Section Templates

Users will be able to select from a curated collection of predefined templates to streamline and expedite their layout creation process.

Flex Slide: Inline Editor

Users can directly edit text within the left-side editing panel without the need to navigate to or open individual sections or blocks.

Flex Slide: Default Styling

We added default style settings for Sections, Button, Click to Reveal, Floating Box, Video, Carousel, and Break it Down blocks. This will enhance the user experience by automatically adjusting the layout, sizing, and other relevant properties based on the device’s viewport.

Angular 17 Upgrade

The Angular 17 upgrade paves the way for continued innovation, improved security, and an exceptional user experience.

Question Data Slide: Variable Name Validation

When running the validation code, the course will check to see if duplicate variable names exist in the Question Data slides. When a build of the course is created via Preview Build or Publish course, the user will see a message that indicates that a duplicate variable name needs to be resolved. Once resolved, the user will be able to Preview or Publish the course.

Accessibility Enhancements

To improve the user experience, we made some changes to set the focus to the Continue button in the Question Data slide and changed the tabbing order of buttons in the bottom navigation bar.

Flex Slide: Layered Asset Animation Behavior

We made an improvement so that layered asset animations are triggered when they appear in the viewport. This ensures that learners with see animations at the appropriate time as they scroll through the page.

Flex Slide: Custom font support in editor

Custom fonts that have been applied to the course will now display in the Flex slide editor.

Title Page Improvement

Removed top bar to not be visible in the Splash/Title page.

Upgrade to Flex: Floating Box

We’re providing users with a quick way to upgrade their legacy Floating Box page to a Flex Slide version so they can take advantage of Flex features.

Introduce New Slide Location called Topic Materials

The new Topic Materials location enables users to configure pages that can serve as coaching content.

Coming soon

Asset Manager Improvement

The asset manager located in course Settings and the Flex slide asset manager now has a sticky header, ensuring that key elements stay visible while users scroll down. This enhancement aims to enhance user experience, facilitating easier asset selection.

Global & Page Level Layered Assets Animation Speed Controls

Control the animation speeds for layered images either on the global or page level.

Hub Integration

Bring Unified Access to Poet via the HUB integration. Poet will share the same user authentication system to allow for ‘App Switcher’ support.

Flex: Carousel Cycle Control

We’re introducing a new control setting that grants users the ability to tailor the carousel block behavior according to their preferences. With this setting, users can choose to either halt the carousel from cycling after displaying the last card or opt for continuous looping through the cards.

Image Opacity Controls

We’re introducing opacity control for image layers, empowering users with greater design flexibility.

Upgrade to Flex: Break-it-down

We’re providing users with a quick & safe way to upgrade their legacy page to a Flex Slide version with a click of a button so that users can take advantage of the latest Adaptive functionality that is available in Flex slides.

Update “Add Page” Modal Window

The revised modal will prioritize Flex-enabled pages, positioning them as the primary choice for selection, while legacy pages will be relocated to the bottom of the modal.

Flex: Text Formatting support for modal pop-up text

Product feature

Flex: Support Alt-Text field for single assets

Enable a field in single image assets for alt-text support, allowing users to include descriptive text.


Border Styling and Controls

Advanced styling options for effortless customization of border color, style, and border direction.

Support Custom Fonts in Adaptive UI

Product feature

Flex Slide: Content Menu

Product feature

Upgrade to Flex

Image & Text and Big Picture Moment: Users will be provided with a quick & safe way to upgrade their legacy page to a Flex Slide version with a click of a button, allowing users to take advantage of the latest adaptive functionality available in Flex slides.

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