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Animations improvements

Overhaul of animations to improve front end for bespoke/catalogue and UX improvements on builder side to make it easier and quicker to build.

Coming soon

Data Capture

Anonymous data capture for catalogue course usage once published from Authoring.

Confirmation Prompt on Download

Product feature

Vertical Nav

Product feature

Integration of Authoring tools

The iterative integration work between our suite of authoring tools to create a unified authentication and dashboard user experience allowing clients to easily choose between editing adaptive and non-adaptive content.

Infrastructure Updates

These are the technical updates required that enable us to maintain and keep up to date with the latest framework. This work makes sure the features are up to date and the performance of the system is maintained. This work is ongoing.


Simplification of Classes: Class lists

Many new and advanced users are confused by what classes are available within Authoring. This feature will display pop-up modal windows with classes listed and where they can be applied to allow for easy copy and paste.

Learning Objectives: Usability Improvements

Create dynamic drop down lists for learning objectives to decrease time and improve usability. This will allow quicker, less complicated setup of learning objectives which are used when creating assisted revision and badges.

Comment and Review improvements: Tagging

The Comment and Review feature is heavily used by internal users and clients. We will be enabling tagging to the comment and review functionality so the teams can filter out what comments are relevant to them.

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