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SAP Software Training

SAP training simplified

OnScreen simplifies SAP training by providing step-by-step guidance directly within ECC, S/4HANA, GUI, Fiori, Ariba, SuccessFactors, or any SAP application. OnScreen guides are quick to create, simple to maintain, and available to users whenever they need them.

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OnScreen for SAP

Streamlined SAP onboarding

OnScreen simplifies the onboarding process for new SAP users, allowing them to become productive faster. With quick creation and distribution of in-app guidance, employees can learn as they work, reducing the time and resources spent on traditional training methods.

OnScreen for SAP

Real-time assistance within SAP

Experience seamless support with OnScreen’s real-time in-app assistance for SAP. Users receive instant, step-by-step guidance within their SAP workflow, ensuring they can complete tasks efficiently and accurately without the need for constant external help.

OnScreen for SAP

User-friendly content creation

OnScreen’s intuitive interface makes it easy for anyone to create and maintain SAP process documentation in minutes. Unlike other complex platforms, OnScreen’s lightweight tool empowers subject matter experts and everyday users alike to produce and share valuable content quickly, keeping your team up-to-date with the latest processes and best practices.




Boost your SAP user proficiency with step-by-step instructions within the application. OnScreen’s comprehensive guides improve training and streamline workflows, ensuring a smoother user experience.



Improve user efficiency in SAP with OnScreen’s tooltips directly embedded onto any web field. These tooltips, featuring GIFs, images, and links, provide instant guidance, reducing errors and enhancing productivity.



Keep users informed with real-time updates and notifications within SAP. OnScreen ensures your users stay aware of critical information, improving communication and keeping them consistently updated.



Enable users to navigate SAP more efficiently with customizable icons or links that trigger actions or provide information. OnScreen’s launchers enhance the user experience by simplifying navigation and resource access.



Optimize your SAP user experience with OnScreen’s customizable dashboard. It visually tracks user interaction data, including guide access, time spent, problem areas, and completion rates. These insights help you enhance user experience, boost adoption, and increase satisfaction.



Provide users access to documents, links, videos, and more directly within OnScreen’s Knowledge Hub. Seamlessly integrated into SAP, this feature ensures your users have the necessary resources without disrupting their workflow, boosting productivity.

“We work with people with minimum to zero sap experience. Our goal is to train them and make them work in sap efficiently and independently. OnScreen lets us do just that.”

Ina Ignatova
SAP Solutions Manager

OnScreen SAP FAQs

What is OnScreen?

OnScreen is a digital adoption platform designed to streamline employee onboarding and software training by providing real-time, in-app assistance and process documentation within applications like SAP.

How does OnScreen benefit SAP users?

OnScreen simplifies the onboarding and training process for SAP users by offering step-by-step guidance directly within SAP applications. This allows employees to learn and complete tasks efficiently without needing external help, reducing training time and resources.

What sets OnScreen apart from other digital adoption platforms?

OnScreen stands out due to its simplicity and ease of use. Its lightweight tool enables quick creation and maintenance of content, allowing anyone, from experts to everyday users, to produce and share valuable process documentation within minutes.

What features does OnScreen offer to enhance SAP user experience?

OnScreen offers several features to enhance SAP user experience, including comprehensive in-app guides, tooltips embedded in SAP fields, real-time announcements, customizable launchers, and a Knowledge Hub for accessing various resources.

How easy is it to create and maintain content with OnScreen?

OnScreen’s intuitive interface makes content creation and maintenance extremely easy. Users can quickly create and distribute in-app guidance and process documentation in minutes, ensuring that teams stay up-to-date with the latest processes and best practices without the complexity of other platforms.

Can OnScreen be used with different SAP applications?

Yes, OnScreen is compatible with a wide range of SAP applications, including ECC, S/4HANA, GUI, Fiori, Ariba, and SuccessFactors.

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