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Webinar Series: 5 Practical Steps to Skills-Driven Learning

Skills are every organizations’ greatest superpower

For L&D executives, upskilling is your biggest opportunity to help employees become their highest performing selves. And the better news? Employees share the same appetite now more than ever… this study by Amazon/Gallup shows that about half of all employees in the US would switch jobs for better skill-development opportunities.

Join our Head of Product Management, Jon Brydges for a comprehensive breakdown of on how to create a true Skills-Driven Learning Program. This five-part webinar series will dive into real life upskilling use cases that you can emulate, the latest tools and technologies available today, the right use of employee data and learning insights, and creating a culture of continuous learning at your company.

Overview of the series

Each 30-minute session in this series will explore crucial facets of skills-driven learning, equipping participants with practical tools and strategies to navigate the dynamic demands of the modern workplace. Join us for one session or all.


Part 1: Get Planning (June 19th, 3pm UK time/ 10am ET) Setting the stage for our series, we’ll share our vision for what a “Skills Driven” Learning Program means, and explore the use of automation in creating true self-guided learning.

Part 2: Nurturing a Culture of Skills Development (July 10th, 3pm UK time/ 10am ET) Discover how automated skills tagging and data-driven insights can foster a culture of continuous improvement within your organization.

Part 3: Content – The Key to Success (July 31st, 3pm UK time/ 10am ET) Explore the importance of curated content in facilitating skills acquisition and learn effective strategies for promoting self-guided learning among your workforce.

Part 4: Strategic Decision Making (August 23rd, 3pm UK time/ 10am ET) Unlock the potential of skills-driven insights in shaping strategic decisions and ensuring organizational resilience in the face of uncertainty.

Part 5: Bringing It All Together (September 4th, 3pm UK time/ 10am ET) Synthesize your learnings from the series and discover actionable steps to implement a robust skills-driven learning framework within your organization.

Who should attend?

This series is designed for learning and development professionals, HR leaders, and organizational decision-makers seeking to revolutionize their approach to workforce development through skills-driven learning initiatives.


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Jon Brydges, Learning Pool

Jon Brydges, Head of Product Management

Jon has a background in diverse industries such as technology recruitment and 3D printing. He has a love for all things digital and in his role as Head of Product Management at Learning Pool, he is responsible for defining and executing the vision and strategy for all of our software products. Jon is always looking to create long term value for our clients whilst leading our international Product Management team.