Find inspiration in your Stream data with an innovative new reporting platform

3:00 - 4:00 PM (GMT)
Thursday 10th March 2022

Find inspiration in your Stream data with an innovative new reporting platform

Traditional reporting tools offer knowledge – but knowing something isn’t the same as knowing what to do about it. What L&D professionals need is insight. Insight offers the opportunity for change.

Insights, a learning analytics platform, is now available for Stream. Insights leverages Business Intelligence (BI) strategies to deliver enterprise-caliber learning analytics & reporting. Insights’ innovative combination of actionable data visualizations and predictive AI capabilities accelerates your journey to learning data maturity, no matter where you are.


During this session, we'll demonstrate features such as:

Out-of-the-box & customizable dashboards: Data that is intuitive, attractive, and actionable

AI-powered predictive intelligence: Deliver the right information to the right people

Secure and scalable deployments: Seamlessly integrate your Stream and Learning Locker data.

Join Learning Pool’s Geoff Horsfall and Kevin Doherty for a live demonstration of Insights complete with a Q&A session.



Geoff Horsfall
Head of Product Marketing
Geoff Horsfall is Learning Pool’s Head of Product Marketing. He’s responsible for establishing the market positioning for Learning Pool’s products and overseeing its implementation across the organization.
Kevin Doherty
Product Manager
Since April 2018, Kevin has been the Product Manager of Learning Pool's Adapt Builder, ensuring the delivery of key features to the tool and supporting the move to xAPI content.