Improve learner experience with new UX enhancements to Stream LXP

On Demand

Learning Pool’s new release focusing on the user experience of Stream LXP will be available on 25th October 2022. 

UX is one of the most cited pain points in the learning industry. Learning Pool’s commitment to continuous innovation has kept us ahead of the curve, and this release is no exception. Our scalable, evidenced-based approach to UX design for learning has resulted in a best-in-class experience for your learners of today and tomorrow. The new Stream LXP UX is:

  • Desirable
  • Memorable
  • Personal
  • Customisable
  • Accessible

To make sure you’re completely aware and up to speed on all the exciting improvements, join Learning Pool’s Head of UX, Dee Doherty for a live Q&A and demonstration on Thursday, October 20th.



Head over to Learning Pool's Academy to watch the webinar



Dee Doherty
Head of UX
Dee brings to Learning Pool over 23 years of experience across multiple industries ranging from finance to video games building; high performing teams, world class experiences, global networks and improving UX adoption and maturity. He is a UX evangelist who demonstrates how Cognitive Psychology plays a critical role in the design of products and services that resonate with users and how UX can be a true market differentiator.