Learning Analytics: From Inception to Maturity

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How does your company use data in the learning process? And how does that compare to other companies? These are the questions that the Learning Analytics Maturity Model (LAMM) set out to answer when we conceived it in 2021. In this webinar, we will reveal the latest results, allowing attendees the chance to benchmark their organization’s use of data in learning versus their peers. 

For many L&D professionals, one of the biggest challenges they face in using data to inform future strategies is the inability to see a path between where they currently are and where they want to be. The LAMM sets out a roadmap for the journey and can give you practical guidance on how to take the next step. 

During this webinar, CEO of Learning Pool, Dr. Ben Betts, explains the history behind the model, the fundamentals of learning analytics for organizations starting out, as well as the findings from more than 250 global organizations that have benchmarked how they use data in their L&D practices against the model’s standard. 


Throughout this session, Ben will cover:

How to measure the ‘maturity’ of your Learning Analytics efforts

Benchmark data on the progress of different companies in different industries, geographic locations and scale in using data for learning

Insights into what helps fast forward Learning Analytics adoption

The tools needed to take the next step

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Ben Betts
Chief Executive Officer
Ben serves as CEO for Learning Pool LTD, with responsibility for the commercial, product and people functions based mostly in the UK. Ben’s expertise is based in research, having previously completed his PhD researching the impact of gamification on adult social learning.