Learning Locker LRS: What You Missed in 100 Commits

15 September 2014 by Ryan Smith

Some of you may have noticed that we recently released a new version of Learning Locker on lrs.learninglocker.net. The release contained all the updates from my last post and I’m going to tell you all about the last 100 commits that also made their way into that update.


HT2 Learning Record Store screenshot of dashboard

We recently added “exports” to Learning Locker, this is the ability to export the results of a report as JSON or CSV. This finally allows you to dump your statements into a spreadsheet and use all the awesome tools that spreadsheets provide you to filter and display your data for greater analysis.

I’ve created some examples of what you can do with this data using Google Sheets. I’d like to show you a collection of graphs that are useful for displaying the effort of your learners. The graphs include a Pareto chart, a pie chart, a bar chart, and a histogram.

If you’d like to try these graphs out for yourself, copy the spreadsheet, export your report as a CSV, and copy the data into the first tab of the spreadsheet (named “Input”), the spreadsheet will take it from there.

Everything Else

Continuing with our Travis integration from our last updates we have added slack notifications on our Travis builds so that we can now get notifications internally about the build status of pull requests and other branches.

There were also three hotfixes in this update, once again, thanks to everyone that reported those bugs and helped with the patches via Github, it’s greatly appreciated.

There are currently 22 issues and 3 pull requests on Github for anyone to get stuck into. If you find any issues please be sure to follow our issue guidelines when reporting your issue. Thanks to everyone that has given me feedback about the new guidelines.

Next Steps

We’re currently gaining feedback about our latest release and working through the issues on Github. As always, you can give us feedback via Github and the Google Group.

Ryan Smith
Software Development Team Lead

Starting as a placement student in 2014, Ryan re-joined the Learning Locker team after graduating from Oxford Brookes University where he won the John Birch prize for the highest grade average in the University.

From his minimalist desk, Ryan leads the Learning Locker team and consults with people on all things xAPI to conscientiously craft products and services that sustain and evolve training and performance.

When he’s not swimming or injuring himself on the cricket field, Ryan enjoys playing funny (and usually inappropriate) games with his family.

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