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Learning Pool’s Hang Ten with Mandi Christensen and Laura Sukorokoff

Introducing Learning Pool’s ‘Hang Ten’

We know that the impact of the recent global pandemic and the uncertainty that surrounds it is putting strain across all areas of business, and that includes Learning & Development. Thus inspiring Learning Pool’s ‘Hang Ten’ series.

This brand-new video series will consist of informal five-minute chats and will give you a great opportunity to feel connected to others in the industry and gain a rare glimpse into their day to day lives. Sharon Claffey Kaliouby will be hosting the series and will be joined by a number of learning professionals to discuss how they are in general and how they’re coping with the current climate.

For series three, Sharon was joined by Mandi Christensen, Director of Learning & Development at and Laura Sukorokoff, Founder of C-Change Learning & Development.

They all recently took part in a roundtable discussion at The Alchemy Lab Virtual Event on ‘How to Accelerate your L&D Career’.  Now, one month on, Sharon wanted to take the opportunity to catch up with them both and see how they are coping during lockdown. Watch below as they reflect on their session from the event and discuss what has changed since then.

What is a Hang Ten?

According to the Wiki dictionary, a Hang Ten is ‘a surfing manoeuvre in which a surfer stands and hangs all his or her toes over the nose of the board.’ It’s a manoeuvre all surfers want to achieve on a longboard and requires great skill and expertise. At Learning Pool, a number of our innovative products are very water-driven, we have our LXP Stream, Waves, Rapids and Flo.  We also work with some of the most impressive client companies,  so we thought this idea fit perfectly.

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