Making the LMS work for you: Staying on track

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During this session, you will learn how to:

Start Learning Campaigns. Waves can tap into the content and experiences already on your LMS but deliver them in a completely different way. Think campaigns, nudges, recommendations – all possible with Waves.

Make Learning Personal. Waves uses bits of data from inside your learning content, from SCORM to assessments, to trigger fine-grained, personal notifications that are not otherwise possible in the LMS. Now you can offer immediate feedback and recommendations to your learners, based on their performance within elements of a course instead of just reacting to the end result.

Drive 100% Compliance, while measuring success. Getting the last part of your organization fully compliant can become an LMS administrator’s nightmare; nagging and chasing. Waves can do the work for you.


Ian Blackburn
Product Manager
Ian first joined in the summer of 2017 as a Solutions Architect, working between our in-house and client technical teams to design and implement effective learning programs. Ian is now the Product Manager for Learning Locker.
Andrew McMonagle
Product Manager
Andrew is currently a member of our Product Management Team. Andrew mainly works with our LMS and has worked with the likes of Tesco and the Football Association on the LMS implementations.