Measuring the Modern Learner Experience

Organizations put considerable time, money and energy into delivering learning, yet real insight into its impact remains elusive.


Most companies do a good job tracking who completed what training, but that doesn’t tell the whole story nor determine learning’s ROI.

That problem is exacerbated when we consider activities outside of traditional, formal learning programs. Informal and experiential learning does not fit into traditional measurement frameworks of hours spent and completion rates.

To get a better handle on the kinds of learning interactions that are used more frequently, organizations need a new view of learning measurement and the tools that make it possible. A learning record store (LRS) such as Learning Locker is a tool designed for tracking and measuring any and all learning experiences.

This new Brandon Hall eBook looks at how companies can adopt a more mature learning-analytics approach that can help take their performance to the next level by helping them track the kinds of learning that happens in self-starting, ground-up organizational cultures.

With this eBook, you will learn:

  • What is an LRS?
  • Reasons why your organization might need an LRS
  • Key considerations when implementing a learning ecosystem


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