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Moving To A Culture Of Self-Directed Learning - An E-learning Industry Webinar

Self-directed learning is a very hot trend. In general, the pressure is on the L&D department to ‘keep up’ with the ever-evolving skills landscape. That is, companies are increasingly turning to their employees to drive their own growth, to take control of their learning, in an effort to stay ahead. The Learning Experience Platform, or LXP, has risen rapidly as the technology of choice to facilitate this cultural transformation. This session will explore the urgent need we have to change our default methods in favour of a more self-directed learning approach, as driven by an LXP.


During this session, you will learn:

The changes organizations are facing

How the new 'Learning Experience Platform' concept has grown to meet these needs

What researchers say about the different skill sets and their importance

An insightful benchmark: An original research showing adoption and buying intent amongst organizations for LXP and LRS technology










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Ben Betts
Ben Betts is Chief Product Officer at Learning Pool
Ben was one of the founders of HT2 Labs and his work with the company helped to define the ‘next generation’ of workplace digital learning platforms. Under Ben’s direction, HT2 Labs were amongst the first to put gamification into a Learning Experience Platform. They were the first to really grasp how social learning could be applied in the workplace. And HT2 Labs were the first to release an enterprise-ready Learning Record Store. As Chief Product Officer, his focus is now on developing Learning Pool’s product portfolio and strategy. For the wider industry, he’s also focused on helping companies learn from employees’ collective experiences, on the role of self-directed learning in the workplace and on social learning, gamification and xAPI.